Casserole with chicken and red wine

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Casserole with chicken and red wine


chicken thighs b / c 500 gr.
small turnip 4 things.
mushrooms 150 gr.
bacon 100 g
vegetable oil for frying
thyme 3-4 vet.
red wine (I have dry) 300 ml.
meat broth 300 ml.
flour 2-3 st. l.
sugar optional 2-3 tsp
salt taste
italian herbs taste

Cooking method

Casserole with chicken and red wine
Wash the thighs. Dry. Season with salt, pepper and flour.
Casserole with chicken and red wine
Cut the bacon into small cubes. Fry. Remove from frying pan.
Casserole with chicken and red wine
Add oil to a frying pan and fry the thighs on both sides until golden brown.
Casserole with chicken and red wine
Cut the onion into 4-6 pieces. Mushrooms, if large, then cut into 4 parts, if small - leave intact. Fry.
Casserole with chicken and red wine
Put thighs, bacon, fried vegetables into a baking dish. Add thyme and Italian herbs.
Casserole with chicken and red wine
Pour in broth and wine. Add sugar if the wine is dry. Season with salt and pepper.
Casserole with chicken and red wine
Close the mold with a lid or foil. Put in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 40 minutes. Then remove the lid (foil), increase the temperature to 180 degrees and bake for 20-30 minutes.
Casserole with chicken and red wine

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


The idea was taken from G. Ramzi.
This is delicious! Delicate, aromatic meat. The vegetables are crispy and taste like pickled vegetables. Recommend!

Angela, here is my recipe! I'll bookmark it, I'll definitely cook it. Your bacon, judging by the photo, is raw, not smoked, right?
Svetlana, I am glad that I liked the recipe. Yes, raw bacon) I think smoked bacon will be good here)
If the Englishman Gordon Ramsay prepared a dish with a French name (casserole), then such a dish did not become exclusively English cuisine. Rather, it is French or American cuisine ...
After all, if Stalik Khankishiev prepares a combined meat hodgepodge, then we do not consider such a dish to be Azerbaijani-German, because of his, Stalik's, origin ...
Angela, how interesting, I want to do this, I will prepare, purchase ...
Elena, be sure to do. This is delicious
Angela, thank you very much for the recipe, I cooked it, it turned out really delicious! I take them to the permanent ones. Sorry that without a photo, my camera down something completely went wrong. But it looks just like yours, but I still wouldn't get such a beautiful picture
Svetlana, I'm glad I liked the chicken. Thanks for sharing)
This recipe makes a very tasty chicken. Thank you very much.
Zoya, I completely agree. Very tasty chicken turns out.
Angela, there is even a photo, but it turned out so terrible that she did not dare to put it on display.
It is not important. The main thing is that I tried and told about my impressions.

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