Hello everybody!
Let me remind you that I ordered Kenwood 9040 + 3 nozzles on February 28. For some reason, the kitchen machine arrived without attachments on March 3. Then I received it alone, in the courier's documents I indicated that there were no attachments. Only today I received nozzles. All this time, I was not allowed to open the car, as we were considering the option that we would have to return it and receive it again with a whole set with attachments, as in the order. Honestly, if I knew, I would have done it better.Because today, when I opened the car, I found a bunch of someone's fingerprints on it.There are places where they are erased and just shine with grease, but there are straight clear ones with a print pattern. This is unacceptable to me. I paid money for a new product and I want to get exactly this.

Can you please tell me, did you have at least some kind of tamper protection on the factory box of the kitchen machine 9040? Hologram, adhesive tape, sticker, seal ?! Maybe you have saved a photo / video of your unpacking and you can take a screenshot from there to show me how it should be? At least write in the text whether it was protection or not.... Now the Kenwood hotline is not working hours, tomorrow I will find out how we will correct the situation.
(In my case, there was no protection, multiple fingerprints were found inside the box on the machine!)
I had everything tightly closed. Since I also returned and received a new car, I opened 2 boxes. I don't remember the hologram, but it was sealed very tightly. And it was very clearly visible that the box was never opened, it is almost impossible to pack it back by hand

Pisi. I was not too lazy to go to the garage. So, the bottom of the tape. And here is the top one without scotch tape, but there are also such types of cardboard ears. And as soon as you pull these ears, it is immediately visible. Do not put them back so that it is not noticeable
monochromer, Paul, my acquaintances also received order 9060 (it took a long time) and there was a very unpleasant feeling that the goods were already "pawed"; the bags with attachments were clearly not "fresh" packaging ...; on the machine itself, the standby button, also rubbed and fingers; When they called and asked, the answer was: they selectively check the technique.
Malvpresli, Linda, I called Kenwood in the morning, they agreed with my claims (there is still an unclear situation on heating). And at lunch he called again, another operator said that the fingerprints were the result of the check. Heating will be checked with a technician.
Paul, What about heating?
On a small volume of liquid (~ 0.5-1 glass) at a set temperature of 65 ° C and control with a separate thermometer, the machine first heated the liquid to 77 ° C, then cooled it to 64 and worked already 64-65.
With a large volume of liquid, it worked at 63-64 without overheating.
PaulI think half a glass of liquid is fine. Physics cannot be fooled. The temperature is measured not inside, but outside, and with such a small volume, heating is instantaneous (induction). And if there was no induction, then even after cooling, the temperature would not have kept on such a volume, this has been repeatedly checked on ordinary cartoons, but here it holds. Excellent result. IMHO of course. Let's see what the engineer tells you.

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