"Agenchyk" salad (Ogonyok)

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Agenchyk salad (Ogonyok)


Carrot 335 (250) gr.
Bulb onions 60 (50) gr.
Canned peas 246 (160) gr.
Vegetable oil 45 ml.

Cooking method

Agenchyk salad (Ogonyok)
Cook carrots in a peel, peel, cut into cubes.
Agenchyk salad (Ogonyok)
Peel the onion, pour over with boiling water, cut into half rings
Agenchyk salad (Ogonyok)
Rinse canned peas, rinse with boiling water and put in a salad bowl with onions
Agenchyk salad (Ogonyok)
Add carrots to the salad bowl, stir, season the salad with vegetable oil before serving.
Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

500 gr.


Another salad from the garden menu.
The weight of vegetables is given gross, in brackets - net.
One serving for a child 3-6 years old - 50 gr.

Oh, our New Year's salad! For a year now I have been preparing it instead of Olivier))), by the way, I brought the recipe from the hospital, just before the new year I was discharged ...
V-tina, Tina, I will definitely try! We were not given such a salad in the kindergarten. Tell me, why do they pour boiling water over canned peas? Is it just disinfection or is it something that tastes good?
Tina! Nice and sunny salad. We also cook sometimes such and from the kindergarten menu my daughter taught a lot.
what an interesting salad! I've never met such a combination)) I'll try it in the post just, thanks
I didn't have such a salad in my garden, but they made us very tasty beetroot caviar with green peas, I still remember the taste ...)))
V-tina, Tina, cheerful colors! I will definitely make your kindergarten salad. Thanks for the recipe
Nina, delicious, right?
Quote: Svetlenki
Tell me, why do they pour boiling water over canned peas? Is it just disinfection or is it something that tastes good?
Sveta, they pour boiling water over everything in the collection, it is, rather, for the disinfection of products. It doesn't seem to affect the taste of the peas, but the taste of the onions naturally changes, well, it's you yourself, without me, you know.
Volgas, Svetlana, Thank you. My daughter began to get sick often, and here is the whole situation .. we were transferred to distance learning, well, my daughter is at the same time with me at home, so I'm afraid not to get out of the habit of kindergarten dishes, I try to cook at least a little according to their recipes
Marina, Thank you! The salad turns out to be very tasty, however, I do not have enough salt, so I add some salt to myself. Beetroot caviar is also in the plans
Nataliya, Thank you! I would be glad if you like the salad.
Tusya Tasya
I want to go to kindergarten! Tina, what a salad! I have never seen this. I don't like peas myself, but when the grandchildren arrive, they will have to cook them.
Natasha, there are several more variants of this salad, also very tasty. The ingredients are the same, but with sour cream. The ingredients are the same, but instead of peas, corn, you might like this option, and the fourth option is with corn and sour cream. So choose any and grandchildren please
Tusya Tasya
Well, thank you! I have already thought about corn for myself. Where did you get your kindergarten recipes? Bring everything you have, it's always tasty and healthy.
Quote: Svetlenki
Tell me, why do they pour boiling water over canned peas?
In the kindergartens, peas and onions are poured over with boiling water. Salads are not allowed with sour cream, only in cabbage soup or borscht.
Tusya Tasya, a friend works as a cook in the kindergarten

Volgas, in our recipe collections there are salads with sour cream, they are not often, but they are given to children, like waffles, marshmallows, gummies, whole fruits and a bunch of other things

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