Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)

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Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)


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In times of rampant viruses, it is very important to help your immune system and get more vitamins.
Therefore, I propose the simplest way to do this, plus enjoy the taste of drinks prepared with this concentrate.
Well, it's also important for me, it's lazier than cutting lemon and ginger into drinks every time.
Mine, cut lemons and ginger. Adjust the amount of ginger to taste.
Squeeze out the lemon juice and pour it into the bowl of the food processor, I have a glass of veggie bullet. Put chopped ginger there.
Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)
Pour the same amount of sugar as lemon juice into the bowl.
Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)
We turn on the combine and break the sugar properly so that it dissolves and combines well with the lemon, I turned it on twice for about 30 seconds.
Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)
That's all the preparation. At first, the concentrate will be cloudy, then it will settle.
Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)
Pour into a sterilized dose, I have a bottle of sauce.

Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)

Let it settle and enjoy the lemon-flavored drinks with a little ginger flavor.
We eat a lot of vegetables and fruits !! Be healthy!!

Lemon-ginger concentrate (blow against colds and viruses)

Can you use a blender?
and if you take dried ginger?
Newbie, can. And you can take dried. It will still turn out tasty and healthy !!
M @ rtochka
Wow, I love both ginger and lemon!
Only the ginger has gone missing until I see it in stores.
Thank you!
M @ rtochka, and I love it, it tastes so good to me, I just pour tea with it, and just pour it into the water and it turns out a little sour, a little tingling from the ginger, a little sweet, well, just wonderful!
And, most importantly, how uniform it turns out! We must do it, everything seems to be there! Irish, thank you for taking care of our health!
Rada-dms, I often do this, and everywhere I put it, and in the marinade for meat, and in all kinds of drinks, even on ice cream I poured a little
It's just as relevant now as ever.
lettohka ttt
Lerele, Lerele, Irina, a tasty and healthy drink, thank you! I'm taking it to the piggy bank!
lettohka ttt, Natasha, do it, here you need a small piece of ginger, your lemons should grow there, so inexpensive. And it is very useful for health.
a very healthy drink, you can also add turmeric
kavmins, of course, you can also turmeric, I still want to try lingonberries there and a little honey, and every time I do it, I put it off for the next time
And I often do this. And everything's going
lettohka ttt
Lerele, Irina, we have everything imported, lemons, they are brought from Turkey, Greece, it's not a problem, there are often markdowns)
lettohka ttt, and you do not grow, do they? It seemed to me that they were growing.
lettohka ttt
No, no, apples, pears, grapes, peaches, apricots do not grow in Moldova, all this is true, but citrus fruits do not grow.

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