Cupcakes on kefir with raspberries in a VES V-TO-4 cupcake

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Cupcakes on kefir with raspberries in a VES V-TO-4 cupcake


Flour psh. 200 g
Egg 1 PC.
Kefir 150 g
Rust oil 70 g
Vanilla (any preferred form) taste
Salt pinch
Baking powder about 1 tsp.
Raspberry 150 g
Sugar 160 g

Cooking method

Beat the egg with a pinch of salt, gradually add sugar, add kefir and butter, add vanilla, flour mixed with baking powder and raspberries.
Mix everything well and spread over ~ 1 ct. l. dough into the cells of a preheated cupcake.
Bake for six minutes. The result is 24 very tender, airy and aromatic cupcakes.

Larissa, beauty! Can you bake in a large cupcake?
Sure you may, Tashenka!
Larissa, thank you! And if you tell me if there is enough of such a quantity of test for her, I will be very grateful.
And I thought about a big cupcake, the cupcakes turned out adorable!
Very beautiful and exquisite! Thank you very much for the recipe and decoration idea.
dopleta, Larissa,
Tashenka, Trishka, if you're talking about a "pumpkin", then there is even more dough than a serving of it. In it I usually bake two muffins from 600-650 g of dough Cupcake bowl GFW-025 Keks Express # 22
Girls, thanks a lot!
lettohka ttt
dopleta, Larochka, simple, tasty, and original! Thanks for the recipe! Are the raspberries fresh? Or jam?
Can I get it from freezing? I'm taking it to my piggy bank!
Anything is possible, Natasha. The only thing - if thawed, then drain the excess moisture. I had a discounted fresh, stale. And thanks !
lettohka ttt
dopletaThank you Larochka, there is frozen food, I must try!
Larochka, I forgot to write butter in the description of the recipe.
Is it, Ksyusha? There is also a line "Rust oil." ... A! I forgot it in the test! Thank you !
And I have already baked in a pumpkin, but with minor changes, butter, and less sugar. I cooked with 300g of flour, it turned out two muffins, one with raspberries, the other with blueberries.
They came out a little bit, but delicious, thanks for the recipe!
Cupcakes on kefir with raspberries in a VES V-TO-4 cupcake
And not at all slant! Very beautiful ! I look at the photo and lick my lips. Thank you !
Thank you, it's just not visible in the photo

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