Delicious calorie-reduced waffles

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Delicious calorie-reduced waffles


Egg C1 2
Sugar 4 tbsp. l
Kefir 3.2% 250 ml
Soda in kefir pinch
Salt pinch
Whole grain flour 1.2 cups flour
Or mix: Whole grain flour 2/3 tbsp + flaxseed flour 1/2 tbsp
Moonshine (vodka, cognac, brandy, alcohol) 10-15 g
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l

Cooking method

The color of my waffles is simply vigorous! Dark brown! As negrityata such little Russian nation diluted)))))
These waffles are inspired by the same dark pancakes
Recipe (by aprelinka): Pancakes with bean broth.
And it all happened due to the fact that I bought flaxseed flour six months ago, but did not use it anywhere. Well this is a disgrace! I also found whole grain wheat flour at a great price! Well, the coronavirus vacation itself.
By the way, in Pyaterochka you can't buy ordinary wheat flour by evening! They take everything apart! Even those who have never taken flour in their hands bake. And even pancakes (scary beast, they say)

All! To business!
Beat eggs with sugar and salt (I use a mixer), pour in kefir with soda, beat, add flour, mix, pour in vegetable oil and cognac (well, I almost :-)).
The dough is thick enough!
I grease the waffle iron with vegetable oil, but if you have good panels, you can not grease it.
Delicious calorie-reduced waffles
Here is such a thick dough, it barely slips off the spoon! I put 1 tbsp for one serving. l, did not make them big. Bake until tender, 5 minutes, no less !!!!!
I managed 12 wafers.
About taste: not very sweet, tender, fluffy waffles.
I plucked up my nerve and took out ice cream. We sell an excellent ice cream (not very fatty and not very sweet, in briquettes) produced by the Tambov refrigeration plant. It is two times lighter than the famous Icefili. For which we love him very much!
Ice cream, freshly frozen raspberries and waffle.
There is everything together! There is no hurry! There is silence!
Delicious calorie-reduced waffles
And you can not throw yourself on the scales!

Of course, there are calories in this wonderful TRIO!
I tried to estimate in the online calculator:
Total: 1700 kcal.
for 100 g - 230 kcal + 20% after baking = 276 kcal
or 1700/12 (number of waffles) = 140 kcal in 1 piece.

well, and a bonus:
ice cream sundae 50 gr - 110 kcal
raspberries 50 g - 20 kcal
Delicious dessert with ice cream and raspberries - 140 + 110 + 20 = 270 kcal.

It turned out to be a gorgeous amount of calories that you can easily fit into your daily norm!
Or simply with pleasure to eat this yummy without much damage to the figure.
Happy waffles to everyone, ruddy and delicious!
And without prejudice to the figure!

aprelinka, Elena, great recipe, thanks! Tell me, maybe an amateurish question, what does alcohol give to the test? It always scares me somehow in recipes.
Elfa, Len, you can read a lot on the Internet. I will answer in a simple way, from experience. The dough with the addition of alcohol is looser, airy and aromatic. The alcohol itself evaporates.
I add moonshine or cognac, especially to biscuits. Always! And baking becomes very light.
of course, if you don't add it, it will work too. This is not critical!

Another report: on the second and third day, the waffles become very tender and soft. I cover them with a plastic cap. On the fourth day - well, with dry edges.
I eat one a day, mine, too.
Elena, and in a flat waffle iron you can make such? Flaxseed flour is also "gathering dust"
MouseYulka, Julia! these waffles in their dough structure are more suitable for a "thick" waffle iron))))
At the same time, the topic is very interesting.I'll try tomorrow and write what happens.
PS: where to use flaxseed flour
forgive me true PP-cooks

in gravy with tomato sauce in the composition, where the color is already dark.
a little bit into the chocolate dough

I added to the curd casserole. Well, it was very unappetizing, I won't do that anymore
small report: it didn't work in a thin waffle iron. The dough should be thinner! but there was no time, all the remaining dough was baked in thick)
Thank you, saved from mistakes
If you replace sugar with cane sugar, or Jerusalem artichoke syrup, or fitparad, you get wonderful PP waffles! I also add frozen pitted cherries, I allow 2 waffles with chocolate protein paste (MULATTA CHOCOLATE PASTE WITH HAZELNUT) for breakfast, very tasty!
jewellry, what handsome!

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