Bristol Somerset Easter Cookies

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Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset


butter soft 100 g
powdered sugar 75 g
yolk 1 PC.
cassia oil (I have cinnamon) 3 drops (1/2 tsp.)
salt chips.
premium wheat flour 150-160 g
very fine black raisins 25 g

Cooking method

Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
All foods should be at room temperature. Sift flour. Add raisins, cinnamon if there is no oil. Mix.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Beat butter with salt and powdered sugar until fluffy.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Add yolk and cassia oil, if available.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Add dry ingredients. Mix. Knead a soft dough quickly.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Dust the rug with flour. Lay out the dough. Roll through paper into a layer 4-5 millimeters thick.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Cut with a cookie cutter.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Bake in an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Take out. Remove from the baking sheet. Sprinkle with powder (I have not sprinkled). Cool on a wire rack.
Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset

Bristol Easter Cookies Somerset
Delicious Easter everyone!


The recipe was spied on a foreign blog.
Over the centuries, Bristol has served as a departure point for many types of imports, including sugar, spices, dried fruits and, of course, the ingredient in question, cassia oil. Cassia oil for the poor was a substitute for expensive cinnamon. But now everyone agrees that it is the cassia oil in this recipe that "sounds" especially and no cinnamon will replace it. They also believe that cassia oil was used to anoint the body of Christ. This oil is not used in other parts of England. This is an entirely local tradition.
You can buy such oil in our online stores. It is expensive. Maybe someday I will allow myself such a luxury.
I liked the cookies very much. Sweet, crispy and crumbly. Recommend!

It looks very nice! I don't even doubt the taste. Cassia oil is on sale, but the price range is huge almost 20 times, the approximate prices are from 130 rubles to 2400 rubles. I’m thinking, maybe it’s not the most expensive to try?
Tatyana, Thank you. The cookies are delicious.
Quote: celfh
130 rubles to 2400 rubles I’m thinking, maybe it’s not the most expensive to try?
We have the cheapest for your money 600, and the most expensive thousand 4. I would take the cheapest from us, but it is several times more expensive than yours. But I can't say anything about the quality. Tanya... It turns out that the cheapest for you and for us is quite inexpensive. Very alarming. Maybe it's not food grade?
Quote: ang-kay
Maybe it's not food grade?
They are all called essential oil. Looked at the description, cheap ones are for massage
Exactly. You also need food)

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