Chickpea broth cupcake (lean)

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Chickpea broth cupcake (lean)


chickpea broth 500 ml
chickpea 1 glass
water 4 glasses
sugar 250 g
flour 400 g
salt pinch
vanillin on the tip of a knife
icing sugar for dusting

Cooking method

First, prepare the chickpea broth.
Rinse the chickpeas, add water and leave for 8-12 hours at room temperature.
Boil chickpeas in the same water until tender. To the point where chickpea peas are easily crushed by the tongue.
We pour the broth into a jar, and use the finished chickpea peas at our discretion.
After the broth has cooled, we can start cooking.
Beat the chickpea broth until foamy with the thickness of sour cream.
Add sugar, salt and continue to beat until sugar dissolves.
Add sifted flour and mix at low speed.
Pour into a greased mold.
We turn on the Baking program for 65 minutes

Cooking program:

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I baked in a slow cooker. I have two of them: Panasonic SR-TMH18 and Panasonic SR-TMB18. I haven't tried it in the oven.
It turns out a little plump, Nov did not experiment with reducing flour and did not try to add soda. The reason is simple. The husband likes it in this form and "They don't look for good from good."
And jam, on a silver platter, mashed 1: 1 with sugar, apricots. And I keep it in the freezer.
Bon Appetit!

Could you explain what chickpea decoction gives? Am I getting it right that it can be whipped and acts like whipped egg white, giving the dough porosity? Does he have a taste?
To be honest, I have never tasted just a decoction. And so you're right, broth is an excellent replacement for eggs.
Have you tried the broth? Why is he then? Unclear. Can you explain?
Quote: smirnoff

Have you tried the broth? Why is he then? Unclear. Can you explain?
Whipped chickpea broth is aquafaba. further Wikipedia: "Aquafaba (from Latin aqua - water, faba - beans, beans) is the name of a viscous liquid obtained as a result of boiling the fruits of legumes such as chickpeas, beans, peas.

Due to its ability to mimic the functional properties of egg whites, aquafaba can be used as a direct replacement for egg whites in some recipes.

Its composition is particularly well suited for consumption by people on a diet for ethical, religious or other reasons to avoid egg consumption. "
Quote: smirnoff
Have you tried the broth? Why is he then? Unclear. Can you explain?
Do you taste all the ingredients used in cooking? Me not. I never tried minced meat. And many do it.
But what, put it in a cupcake and not lick it? ..
But in general sweetka guided me well. Thanks to both of you.
Quote: smirnoff
But what, put in a cupcake and not lick?
Well, that's the way I am. I can only taste cream or some other yummy, ready-to-eat. Although the broth is also, in principle, ready, but I have not tried it. Next time, I will definitely try.
I decided to bake pancakes. Also good on it.
All the same, I got a glass of chickpeas, Somehow, not in a human way, we grow chickpeas ourselves, but we can't get it, I was puzzled early in the morning and turned this thing over. I baked everything strictly according to the recipe. Color too, something pale. try it in the oven. The taste is sweet like a biscuit.

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