Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®

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Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®


Turkey + Adyghe salt
Worcester sauce 1 tbsp. l
Lemon Ginger Concentrate 1 st. l
Soy sauce 1 st. l
Sour cabbage

Cooking method

For some reason, I always make turkey in a slow cooker. This time, too, she was about to get it out of the cupboard, but remembered that Ninye had a slow cooker program. Well, I will try this program, because I only heated milk on it and that's it.
We take out the turkey, wash it, wipe it off. Cooking marinade, you can take any to taste.
I took my lemon concentrate instead of honey and pomegranate sauce, because it is sweet and sour, which is what I need.

Topped up both sauces, Worcestershire and soy, and topped in chili. I don't need a lot of sauce, I was not going to marinate the turkey for a long time, so, for half an hour.
I salted the turkey well with Adyghe salt, it is with garlic, so I did not take the garlic.

Then I smeared the marinade on the turkey well on all sides and put it in Niñi's pot.
After half an hour, I closed it with a small lid and turned on the Slow Cooker program for 5 hours.
Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®
Unlike an ordinary pressure cooker, there were no smells in the house, the lid is tight and does not let through.
After 5 hours I tried it, the turkey is soft, turned off the program. Here's what happened.
Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®
I drained the liquid, set the Air crisp program for 25 minutes.
After 25 minutes
Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®
In parallel, I made mashed potatoes and stewed cabbage.
We sell cabbage in semi-finished bags, it turns out as it is served here, sharply sour, with a hint of sweetness, I always fry it to soften the taste a little, it turns out great.
Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®
Everything is ready, cut the turkey, serve with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.
Slow Cooker Turkey in Ninja® Foodi®

It turned out delicious !! Bon Appetit!!


Now about the program, I liked what you can then fry in an air fryer, because after all, with the lid tightly closed, it looks like steamed, not the same as in a regular slow cooker.
The meat steams well, but still the taste varies.
It is very convenient to put in the night, smells will not interfere with sleep. But in an ordinary slow, the taste is more intense.

Lerele, indeed, the convenient Air crisp program, beautifully browned the meat. And I was staring at mashed potatoes, it looks delicious. With milk?
Iraaa, how delicious yours is, I was envious.
And the truth is, everything worked out very well, and the potatoes in cabbage mmmmmmm, the meat is so, the additive
And this is eternal food !!
We do not have such cabbage, you have to go to the store for sauerkraut, and I have already exhausted my pass for today)))
Cvetaal, you have such
🔗, it is also possible, it is delicious, I sometimes buy it too

I also found it, I also often use this one, it looks like, only it needs to be extinguished a little longer

And I would take simple sauerkraut from my grandmothers and put out aaaaa, it tastes a hundred times more delicious, and is more familiar to us, but I have nowhere to take it, I have to go to a Russian store, but I'm not sure what it works.
Thank you, Irochka, for the valuable information!

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