Yeast-free Easter cakes

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Yeast-free Easter cakes


Flour 400gr
Eggs 3
Sugar 200gr
Butter (butter + vegetable) 100gr
Kefir 250gr
Baking powder 1 pack (15gr)
Vanillin 2 pack.
Salt Pinch

Cooking method

Last year I already made such cakes, I really liked it, I usually have cakes left, I have to make crackers, I have eaten all of these.
I apologize for the photo, it was not possible to make it normally, it is already dark, but maybe tomorrow in the morning someone wants to bake Easter cakes without any hassle, so I'm exhibiting.
We will prepare everything for Easter cakes / Easter cake, now I have small rectangular shapes, but you can take any shape, one, two, I have three.
Rinse and dry the raisins. Mix with flour.
Sift flour, add vanilla sugar and baking powder, mix.
Mud butter, add vegetable oil.
Yeast-free Easter cakes

Divide the eggs into whites and yolks.
Add sugar, kefir, butter to the yolks, mix everything.
Yeast-free Easter cakes
Now pour in the flour and mix well. Add raisins.
Beat the whites with a pinch of salt until they are hard peaks and gently mix into the dough.

Yeast-free Easter cakes
The dough turns out like thick pancakes.
Yeast-free Easter cakes

We put it in the molds, turn on the oven at 170 * and wait until it warms up well and the dough will rest during this time.
Yeast-free Easter cakes
I baked for about half an hour, you have to believe, because if you bake with one cake, the time will be different.
Yeast-free Easter cakes
All the same, it was necessary to take 4 forms so that the Easter cakes would not swell.
We put to cool on the grid.
Yeast-free Easter cakes
Prepare the icing, beat one protein and half a packet of powdered sugar. We decorate.
Yeast-free Easter cakes

The structure is like a juicy Easter cake, there are such heavy, juicy Easter cakes.
This one reminds them.
Yeast-free Easter cakes

Those who have not had time to bake yeast cakes can easily take these as a replacement.
By the way, last year I had round shapes, very smooth, beautiful Easter cakes turned out, nowadays they are not so beautiful, but tasty, already half of the Easter cake has gone somewhere, while I was writing the recipe, I barely had time to photograph the cut)))

Oh, what Easter cakes, thanks for the simple recipe!
This year I also baked without yeast, how much I baked them with yeast, it's not that ...
And then Angelin got the recipe, without yeast, for the second year I have been baking it.
And your Irish, I'll try it too, I wonder how it tastes ...
Do you think it will be possible to bake in the cartoon?
Trishka, I think yes, the top is still covered with glaze.
I really like it, not a cupcake, a little different structure, like a heavy cake, tasty and smelly, it smells of vanilla.
Well, heavy, not in the sense as you know, cool happens, but in a good way?

The cut is like ...
Trishka, she is not, not dull, and sometimes there are such cakes as if even slightly wet, such oily, Christmas trees, I don't know how to describe that, not fluffy.
You know, he stood, I just ate the last piece from the unadorned one, it seemed to taste richer, I like it.
Irish, I realized, the main thing is not dry, we are not dry Liu!
I took it in the tabs, kefir often remains, thanks for another practical and tasty recipe!
Rada-dms, well, now until next year already, although you can also bake like cupcakes
Why until the next one? By tradition, you can still bake, Easter takes a long time!
Rada-dms, oh, I'm so far from any religion, it's just that there is a tradition in the family for Easter to bake cakes, to make cottage cheese Easter and eggs, so I continue, but I didn't know that Easter for a long time
Lerele, Irishik, I'm coming to you with a report to tell you, sho this is delicious!
Here, help yourself!
Yeast-free Easter cakes
Razrezik, everything is baked, tasty, moderately moist.
Yeast-free Easter cakes
I baked with one cupcake, all the butter was butter, I didn't add vegetable oil, I didn't cover it with icing, the rest was according to the recipe!
If you allow me, I will post it on my channel, indicating the author, then you ...
Thanks for the wonderful recipe, I take it as an Easter cake, and not only.
Trishka, of course, spread it wherever you want, I'm not sorry, on the contrary, I'm very glad that I liked it.
Gorgeous turned out, what's the heat ?? I can't get myself a dose for the cupcakes to be embossed, like yours, I like it. I have nothing like that, but exactly nothing, not ogogo
Quote: Lerele
what baked ??
A mold with a hole, I took it on Wb, I can post a photo later ... I was afraid that 400 g of flour would not be enough, but everything is ok.
Quote: Lerele
lay out

Here, took a picture ...
Diameter at the top 23cm height 10cm.
Yeast-free Easter cakes

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