Classic rum balls

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Classic rum balls


biscuits 125 g
condensed milk 145 g
coconut flakes into balls (for sprinkling) 40 (20) g
cocoa powder 15 g
orange water or orange zest 1 tbsp. l. (1 tsp)
dark rum 30 ml.

Cooking method

Classic rum balls
Grind the cookies into crumbs.
Classic rum balls
Pour the crumb into a suitable container. Pour in condensed milk, rum, orange water, or add zest. Add coconut flakes and sifted cocoa powder.
Classic rum balls
Mix everything well. You should get a sticky mass.
Classic rum balls
Pinching off a small piece, roll up the balls.
Classic rum balls
Roll each ball in coconut flakes.
Classic rum balls
Put the balls on a plate, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.
Classic rum balls

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


The recipe was spied on a foreign blog.
Delicious. Recommend!

what an easy candy to make. I have to try, otherwise I don't know how to surprise children
What role does rum play here? He just doesn't want to buy a bottle for a 30ml. Can I replace it with water + confectionery rum flavor?
It's so yummy! Favorite delicacy in the dashing 90s. Only instead of coconut flakes they put any crushed nuts.
Angela, thanks for the reminder. I'll have to cook.
super_mama_2020, Painting, thanks for stopping by!
Quote: super_mama_2020
What role does rum play here?
Adds flavor and aroma.
Quote: super_mama_2020
Can I replace it with water + confectionery rum flavor?
You can substitute this mixture or add juice. A bottle of rum in the kitchen never hurts for different baked goods)
Quote: Painting
Favorite delicacy in the dashing 90s
Volume, and we didn't do that. Only chocolate sausage or candy from the "Baby" mixture.
It turned out delicious sweets (the children quickly crumbled), but they weren’t so thick for me and the sweets did not hold their shape - they turned out to be pancakes)) And I did it without rum and liquid flavoring. Maybe the condensed milk was always very liquid and therefore they did not hold the Thomas.
The recipe is superb, next time I'll change the proportions a little!
super_mama_2020, it is clear that the products are different. Maybe the cookies are fatter. I have almost biscuit. But I'm glad I liked this option.
Cool how! Today I weighed the remains of Mary - 140 g in total. It will not be enough for potatoes)) And here is just a recipe in the subject. And everything is so delicate with the components, just under my cookies))
I'll do it tomorrow. Only rum will be replaced by ouzo + rum aromatic. I am consuming rum, I will not go to the store, and we do not have distance selling alcohol. Unfortunately
Svetlana, I'm waiting)
Angela, brought the balls, mine with Irish cream liqueur and inside with a slice of prunes. Delicious
Classic rum balls
Zoya, beauty and deliciousness! Well done, gave the balls a new taste)
ang-kay, Angela,
Thanks for the sweets! They did it with the youngest. Eaters - children, therefore, did not add alcohol. We separate it directly
From the changes: there was no dry sugar, I mixed the separated cream + sugar + milk. The idea, it seemed to me, is very similar to the Soviet potatoes. At least I remember the repetition where the cookies + waffles through the meat grinder, plus cocoa, and it's done! The next time I wanted to add roasted peanuts. But, as it is, STE is a completely different story ...
Irina, I'm glad I liked the sweets. You can add nuts, raisins. What you want. Then just adjust the viscosity of the liquid.

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