Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product

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Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product


wheat flour 600 gram
sugar 30 grams
salt 10 grams
soda 5 grams
sour cream 100g
curdled milk, thick kefir or natural yogurt 350 grams
odorless vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

Put sugar, salt, soda in flour, mix.
Pour in warm kefir, add sour cream.
Knead. The dough is soft, sticky.
Cover the container with the dough with a towel and leave for an hour.
Grease your hands with vegetable oil, divide the dough into 7 parts. I got 150 grams each.
Sprinkle the work surface with flour.
Roll each piece in flour and make a bun.
Roll each bun into a cake with a diameter of 15-17 cm.
Shake off the remaining flour so that it does not burn during frying.
Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product
Pour oil into a frying pan and heat well.
Fry each tortilla, over medium heat, on both sides.
Although the dough is not yeast, you can see how bubbly.
Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product
Cool slightly before serving.

The dish is designed for

7 large

Cooking program:



My recent whites are gone with a bang.
But ... the grandson liked the dough more, the filling had to be picked out
In general, as they say, at the request of the workers, a lot of dough
The cakes turned out great
Plump, airy, with a soft crust and rich.
Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product
There is absolutely no taste of soda, there is a very light smell that reminded me of sour cream cakes, the same ones from childhood.
Who ate with what.
I'm a slice with salad, a son with milk, and a grandson, just like that

Elena, class !! Fast and easy !! Thank you!!
You're welcome
Podmosvichka, Elena, savior
The sour cream in the refrigerator died on time. From me to her in cakes)))
Olga M.
Elena, thanks for the recipe! I have long wanted to bake something like this in a frying pan. Simple and fast, which is sometimes important.
I made khachapUryu muddy because of you ...
Quote: zvezda
And I eat Chanakh cheese. We can get confused
Quote: OlgaGera
We can get confused
I already ... let's have a company! It's more fun together
Quote: zvezda
I'm already..
I changed my mind ... Husband lit the grill, Msiao is waiting)))
Quote: OlgaGera
Yeah i am so
Olga M., you are welcome
I hope the recipe comes in handy
Quote: zvezda
I made khachapUryu muddy because of you ...
Wow, then show me

Quote: OlgaGera
Msiao is waiting)
And to the meat is such a cake, mmmm. Yes some grass
In vain I changed my mind
Quote: Podmoskvichka
And to the meat is such a cake
so, meat separately, cakes separately. And it's not evening yet, the current lunch is planned))) maybe I'll bake)))
lettohka ttt
Podmosvichka, Helen, what beautiful and fluffy cakes mmm .. Nostalgia for childhood ... Mom often fried such. Thanks for the recipe, I'm taking it to the piggy bank. Helen, are we frying under the lid? Or without?
Olga M.
Lenochka, thanks! I will definitely try! I have whey left, pancakes just finished. I'll try to experiment the other day. What if, instead of kefir, whey and more sour cream?
I slightly changed the dough, just without sour cream ,,, filling cheese with cottage cheese

Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product
Quote: OlgaGera
maybe bake)
Come on
Quote: lettohka ttt
... Helen, are we frying under the lid? Or without?
Natusik, without cover
And the fire is not very strong, average.
Quote: Olga M.
What if, instead of kefir, whey and more sour cream?
I think I'll be able to pay off the soda. I will wait with the result

Quote: zvezda
filling cheese with cottage cheese
WOW Straight cheburechiki plump
How do you taste?
Without sour cream, it will be wrong, not rich, just a cake
Quote: Podmoskvichka
Without sour cream it will not be
More like that !! I sl. added a spoonful of oil .. generally tender !! I have a filling of cheese + cottage cheese + garlic !!
I'm pulling so overeat ate ... don't move at all ..

Eat for health, dear
Leeyen, cakes, can you not fry them in oil, but in the oven, or not that "coat"?
We do not eat fatty foods, I even bake whites in the oven ...
Ksyusha, in principle it is possible, but you are right, not that "coat" will be
Quote: Trishka
but you can not fry them in oil, but in the oven
on oiled butter in a pan - the crust will be crispy, the oil will not pass inside, there is very little of it. When I still used hot pans, I often fried cakes.
We fry pancakes - they turn out to be quite crispy.

Irgata, Irish, thanks for the advice, I must try, in a pizza maker ...

Oh, another question, but you can add not kefir to sour cream, but whey, I have a whole bottle of it, I don’t know what to do ...
Quote: Trishka
add not kefir, but whey,
if the whey is not young, "sharp", then it will not "let" the fats into the dough. As well as adding alcohol, for example - then you can add more butter under the cakes)
Thank you, I took it on ...
Irgata, Ira, wow, how many useful tips for frying
Thanks, I also take a note
In order not to search in Tartlets
Quote: zvezda
1 tbsp. dissolve kefir in it; 1/2 tsp salt, sugar, slaked soda
Stir in 2.5 tbsp. flour. Lubricate your hands with butter, form the dough into a ball, into a bag and remove for an hour.
In a bowl, combine 120g of grated cheese and 200g of cottage cheese + 2-3 cloves of garlic. Stir until smooth.
Divide the dough and filling into 4 parts, roll out, put the filling on 1 half, cover with the other half and press with your hands, expelling the air. Bake in hot oil.
Marina ま り な, what if Helen will beat us ?? Can I take it to the Kaleidoscope ??
Lena!! You meow .. I just saw ...
Don't be afraid, I'm kind today
Let it be.
But take it to the Kaleidoscope too
Quote: Podmoskvichka
good today
That was lucky for me today ...
And why are these cakes doing in the "questions and answers" topic? I throw in bookmarks, writes that they are already there. I rummage in bookmarks - no way. Then I saw the light, they are the first in my bookmarks.
Tatyana, here is the answer to our question: otherwise they would not be in the first tab of the bookmarks
Girls, I ask you to pardon me, I will not understand how to lay out recipes for a new one
One hope for the Chief
Quote: Podmoskvichka
I beg you pardon
Well, this is what you managed to do ..
Podmosvichka, Elena, thanks for the donuts. It turned out very tasty.

Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product
Svetlana, what pussies
Eat with pleasure
Thank you for trusting the recipe

Pressed the wrong button
Podmosvichka, Helen, thank you for the delicious cakes!
I baked in a frying pan without oil at all, only greased my hands when rolling, yes, I had the dough for almost 2 hours, the cake was still baking ...
They reminded me of the cakes that my grandmother baked for us in childhood, instead of bread, from my husband, too, thank you!
Here, help yourself.
Fried yeast-free butter cakes with sour cream and fermented milk product
Pysy. I want your cakes to be posted on my channel with an indication of your authorship, can I?
Sure you may
Let him go to the people, not only do you and your husband eat
Thanks for your feedback
Quote: Podmoskvichka
No longer, even my son ate, he is usually indifferent to such things, but here.
Well, fine
Ksyusha, throw a link to your channel later, I'll come to visit
Thank you very much for the recipe! I took it to bookmarks. We awakened such distant memories ... A recipe from childhood, grandma baked one big one for the whole frying pan, instead of bread, was called "donut". They ate with sour cream. How delicious it was !!!!
You are welcome
I would be glad if you like the cakes
Quote: Podmoskvichka
link to your channel, I will come to visit
Brought thanks
Baked in the princess. It turned out 3 large cakes. I added a bit of rust to the bottom. butter, rolled a little on the table on flour. Then she just stretched it out with her hands already in the princess. It turned out sooo tasty
To health
Glad you liked.
It must also be done in the PP

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