Potato cutlets with tuna

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Potato cutlets with tuna


Potatoes 500gr
Onion 1
Tuna 2 banks
Eggs 1

Cooking method

Potato cutlets with tuna

The other day on Zen I came across a recipe for a polpet from Didinfo, very original, unbeatable.
I repeat with my changes. My shape is not meatballs, but cutlets and without deep fat.
I'll tell you right away what we liked, I will definitely repeat it.
We clean the potatoes and set them to cook. I did it in Ninya, 10 minutes on pressure, it took about 7 minutes, the potatoes boiled a little.
Peel the onion and chop finely, well, where am I without my favorite alligator))
We fry the onions in oil, I have a little vegetable, a little more butter.
Potato cutlets with tuna
We drain the potatoes, in a convenient way, I did it on the press.
Add fried onions and eggs, I forgot the cheese, it would be better with it, it would keep the shape of the cutlets better.
Potato cutlets with tuna
We open the jars of fish, drain the liquid, mimic the fish with a fork.
Combine with potatoes and knead. It is not necessary to stir much so that the fish completely disintegrates into fibers, because it is very tasty when a piece of fish comes across in the cutlet.
Potato cutlets with tuna
Now we pour breadcrumbs in a dose, I have a special batter from tappervare, I used half, because it is impossible to shake these cutlets, they are tender.
With wet hands we form cutlets, put them in breadcrumbs, gently turn them over so that the breading is on all sides.
Heat the pan, add oil and lay out the cutlets.
Potato cutlets with tuna
Turn over gently.
Then also carefully remove them with a spatula, while they are hot, they are soft, you must carefully remove them.
Then, as they cool down, they are not so tender.
Serve with sour cream or some other sauce. It turned out delicious !!
Bon Appetit!!
Potato cutlets with tuna


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Lerele, Well, thank you! This is definitely for me, I love potato cutlets, and even more so with fish. Tuna is so beautiful in a jar!
Yarik, Thank you!!
The cutlets are delicious with fish, especially if the pieces come across fish inside.
So the tuna is dry, but it started playing in cutlets.
Indeed, interesting! There is a jar of tuna, I will do it if I come across a potato suitable for cutlets. We will definitely love it! Only problems with potatoes - you can't make mashed potatoes, it is cooked for an hour ... Out of six packs, only one is decent, but it's over.
The recipe is in the piggy bank!
Potato cutlets with tuna

Potato cutlets with tuna

Irisha, I made them!
There was a tiny can of tuna in oil, neither here nor there. The potatoes were cooked well. I rubbed the potatoes on a grater, added one quail egg, grass-ant. We really, really liked it. Straightly variety in nutrition turned out.
With crumbly potatoes, I would add a spoonful of flour. Super, in short! Thanks for the recipe, it will take root for sure.
Rada-dms, super turned out !! how do you fry them so beautifully ??
And how cold they are delicious! I have a couple left, I thought I would pinch off a piece, yeah, I pinched both
Here, however, not full, I want to repeat. Dried in flour, fried in coconut oil, or rather, almost without oil. I fried it on one side, splashed a little water and brought it to readiness under the lid. They are so bloated! I rarely roll in breadcrumbs or mixtures, it absorbs a lot of oil.
I forgot to add cheese too ...
Rada-dms, next time I will also not be in breadcrumbs, I will try like you, flour and then some water, or in general I will make niny on an air fryer. I've already thought about it.
I often have potatoes, tuna is always there, by the way, you can do it with any fish, saury, salmon, willow.
But a delicious lunch will turn out, well, or dinner.
Yes, crackers interrupt the taste of potatoes, I think. I brought Ninya already, I will soon start burning it again.I already found a can of salmon, so I will make more of these soon.
Rada-dms, in Ninya they will be with a crust, mmm, how delicious it will be !!
And me with cutlets))) I liked it, you still need to eat them, it seems to me, warm. You can't make out all the hot flavors, the cold ones are also good, but the warm ones are very soulful. The next time I baked potatoes, watery with us, I had to add a little flour, I also added cheese. And I also thought that tuna, maybe pink salmon, are the most suitable here, they do not have a pronounced taste of canned food, like saury, for example.
Lerele, Thank you

Potato cutlets with tuna

Yarik, I am very glad that I liked it, I, however, ate only hot and cold ones, the warm ones did not work, but the cold ones tasted better to me. As if you wrote that in the hot, tastes were not so pronounced.
And I still have plans to try saury, of all canned fish, I only love saury.

Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Lerele, Congratulations on the victory!
lettohka ttt
Lerele, Irina, congratulations on the medal! The recipe is super!
Lerele, Congratulations! A very decent recipe.
Thanks everyone !!!!
Hurrah!!!! Congratulations! How great it is when such practical, delicious recipes win!

Who did it first? Olya was the first to appreciate it!

Well done, go and eat strawberries in the photoblog, we collected today.
Lerele, Congratulations! The recipe is great! well-deserved medal!
Lerele, Congratulations!
Potato cutlets with tuna
Ladies, thank you all for the congratulations !!

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