Sushi cake "Philadelphia"

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Sushi cake Philadelphia


A cup 300 ml.
Round grain rice 2 cups 460g.
Rice cooking water 2.5 cups
Rice sauce:
Water (boiling water) 1 cup
Vinegar, rice is better, I have the usual 9% 4 tbsp. l.
Sugar 70g.
Salt 20g.
For filling :
Cheese 350g.
Soy sauce to cheese 1 tbsp. l.
Lightly salted red fish (I have homemade salting) 250g.
Fresh cucumbers 150g.
Avacado optional, I did not add 1 PC.
Nori leaf 4 things.
Sesame seeds 2 tbsp. l.
For filing:
Soy sauce
Pickled ginger
Horseradish Wasabi

Cooking method

Recipe for those who love to eat sushi, but "twist" is not very ... Or simply does not know how to do it :)!
So let's get started ...

Rinse the rice well until clean water.

Boil, I cook in a Panasonic 10 multicooker, on the "Buckwheat" program. While the rice is cooking, prepare the sauce.

To do this, mix all the ingredients until dissolved and homogeneous.

At the end of the program, transfer the rice to a wide bowl, add the sauce and mix well. Cover with a damp towel and chill.

Prepare the filling:

Cut the fish into slices.

Cucumbers lengthwise, in thin slices.

Mix the cheese with soy sauce.

Lightly fry the sesame seeds.

Cut some of the Nori sheets to the size of the mold, finely cut the rest with scissors.

Divide the rice in half, mix one part with finely cut Nori sheets.

We collect the cake:

Put Nori sheets on the bottom of the mold, put a side, which is better to grease with vegetable oil.

Then lay out in layers:

Half rice

Cheese (2-3 tbsp. L. Leave for the top)

Cucumbers, lightly squeeze into cheese.

Fish, you can smear a little cheese on top, for better gluing of the layers. Here you can add a layer of avocado, I did not add.

Second half of rice mixed with chopped nori sheets.

If it feels dry when mixing, you can add a little sauce. Tamp well, grease the top with the remaining cheese and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours, or overnight.

Serve with ginger, soy sauce and wasabi.

Bon Appetit everyone!
Sushi cake Philadelphia
Your Trishka!

The dish is designed for

Form 30x30 cm.

Cooking program:

Multicooker, handles.


The recipe is spied on Ok., To the author!
I prepared cheese according to this recipe.

Unfortunately, there are no step-by-step photos, I cleaned the tablet with a new one, and deleted almost everything "acquired by overwork" ...

Yuri K
In, this is ours! Plus! And then some kind of wheels that eat with sticks, then hooked with a fork - and a piece of his mouth is glad!

To bookmarks!
Quote: Yuri K

In, it's ours! Plus! And then some kind of wheels that eat with sticks, then hooked with a fork - and a piece of his mouth is glad!

To bookmarks!
Well, yes, a large piece and the mouth rejoices!
Just cut the cake with a sharp knife dipped in cold water.
The way we would cut real sushi.
Yuri K
Quote: Trishka
The way we would cut real sushi.
This we understand

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