Open pie with herring (+ video)

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Open pie with herring (+ video)


Potatoes 4 things
Cheese 150g
Egg 3 pcs
Salt taste
Salted herring 1 PC
Onion 1 PC
A tomato 1 PC
Dill 1 bundle
Cream 200ml

Cooking method

Grate boiled potatoes and half of the cheese, add 1 egg, salt and mix well.
Grease a mold or a frying pan (I have a diameter of 22 cm). Put the potato mass into it and distribute over the bottom and sides.
Finely chop the onion, fry until golden brown and put on the base in the first layer.
Peel the herring of skin and bones, cut into pieces and put on the onion.
Cut the tomato into small cubes and place on the fish. Sprinkle with dill on top.
Shake 2 eggs with cream, add the grated remaining cheese and stir. Pour the filling over the pie and put in an oven preheated to 190 degrees for 30 minutes, until golden brown. Serve warm or cold.


I made a discovery for myself that salted herring can not only be poured with oil and sprinkled with onions. Delicious and easy to prepare pie. Herring lovers will appreciate it. She ate it hot, warm and cold. I liked the cold most of all.

I don't like salted herring, but I really like fresh boiled herring. Can I make it with raw or boil it first?
Quote: Kolobashka
or boil first?
Better to use ready-made fish, as raw fish pies take much longer to cook.
The fish can be pre-fried, boiled, stewed ... Use canned fish ...
Quote: Kolobashka
Can I make it with raw or boil it first?
I love herring, so I haven't tried it in a different form. But you have already received a detailed answer, for which special thanks to Marina.
Tatyana, thanks for the recipe! Very interesting. I will definitely try and report the result.
gala10, I will wait for the report
Tatyana, to cook potatoes in their uniforms or naked?
gala10as you like best. I cooked peeled.
Clear. Thanks for the quick response.

Tatiana, take the report:
Open pie with herring (+ video)
Open pie with herring (+ video)
It's sooooo tasty, I will definitely repeat it. The taste is so ... spicy. She baked ketsi in an earthenware pan.
Of course, I had to make some changes, because not everything was found in the nearest store, where I am now allowed to go out: instead of cream I had to use sour cream and processed cheese. Potatoes: leftover mashed potatoes + a large potato steamed in a jacket.
Thanks again for the recipe! I will definitely repeat. I take the recipe to the catalog of my favorites.
Galina, great result! Thanks for the report! I also thought about sour cream when I did it, but the cream was in stock.
tatyana1, oh how interesting! The pie looks decent and very appetizing, you must definitely try it, I take it to your bookmarks. Thanks for sharing!
lettohka ttt
tatyana1, Original, Tatiana, thanks for the recipe! I will definitely try! Tasty, simple, original, and budget!
gala10, Checkmark, what are you doing ?! I have all the components, but the main eater, without planning in advance, left for the dacha with his son's family, and I have already prepared food, I have one for all the holidays, I don’t overeat.
Quote: Ivanovna5
I have all the components
Anya, do it! This food flies away in one person!

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