Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad

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Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad


Cucumber (or half a long cucumber) 1
Apple 1
Garlic 1 slice
Lemon juice 1-2 spoons
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l

Cooking method

Very original and tasty, spring green (gazapkhuli is spring in Georgian, somehow I found a transcription in the dictionary), Georgian salad.
It is especially good to serve it with poultry, I have grilled chicken, this salad goes very well with it.
It's easy to do.
Peel the apple and remove the center.
Wash the cucumber, trim the bottom.
Rub with small blocks, I have a burner insert 3.5.
Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad
Pass one clove of garlic through a garlic press. Add dill.
Salt, pepper. Pour lemon juice and butter. Take the juice first one tbsp. l. Then you will try and if necessary, add more.
We mix.
Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad

Serve with chicken or fish.
Bon Appetit!!!
Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad


Recipe from the site

Irish, thanks for the recipe! I liked it very much. I will definitely do it. And how simple ...
gala10, thank you, I also liked the salad, very unusual, and both apples and cucumber taste. I ate a chicken leg from the grill, very worthy !!!
Lerele, thanks for the recipe!
I prepared an apple-cucumber drink with mint, but I did not think about the option in the form of a salad.
I'll bookmark for now.
Corsica, Thank you
And I still can’t start making vegetable drinks, I’m going to do everything, but I don’t get my hands on it, although I know that it’s very useful.
Tusya Tasya
Lerele, and are cucumbers to apples about the same size? Or take a long salad cucumber?
Tusya Tasya, the cucumber should be regular, not long. I took half a long cucumber.
Thanks for the question, I'll try to clarify it in the recipe.
Tusya Tasya
Apples and cucumbers come out somewhere equally, right? Or is something prevailing?
Tusya Tasya, approximately equally, but if you want, you can reduce the apple, for example, then the salad will be with a predominance of cucumber, you can add garlic, and the apple will give a little sweetness and originality.
I could feel both an apple and a cucumber, the apple was sweet, so the taste turned out to be very original, sweet-sour apple-cucumber.
But I really liked it and I will definitely do more. The grilled chicken was spicy, the salad softened and complemented the taste. Only I still want to add walnuts to try. here is a photo, you can see it better

Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad
Tusya Tasya
Well, now I understand everything. I would like something fildipersovy, and here is such a salad. So I'm digging in order to make the right one. I have no chicken, but I have sausages for a snack. So I'll try.
Tusya Tasya, yes, it will be any correct, the cucumber is very original with an apple, I really love the Waldorf salad, where apples, celery, grapes. There, too, slightly salty celery with apples is interesting, so the idea came to replace celery with cucumber.
My husband doesn’t eat that, but yesterday I really enjoyed it.
Tusya Tasya
I made a salad. The taste is new and interesting. Indeed, he needs a chicken. Sausages are not quite that. The only deviation from the recipe was grape vinegar instead of lemon juice. Along the way, I made a gastronomic discovery. It turned out that the apple with dill and grape vinegar is itself an amazing salad. No added salt or oil. True, it will go more with red meat than with chicken. Maybe for white fish, but you have to try. So the next time you make gazaphuli, try the "unfinished" salad.
Tusya Tasya, I must try to do it, I respect dill very much, and I must look, I have all sorts of vinegars, maybe there is grape.
How will I make a steak, I will try such an apple salad, I also love this kind of feldipers, but I am too lazy to do it alone, and then I do it a couple of times on a berner.
Thanks for the tip !!
Lerele, delicious salad Only I will put a leaf of mint there, just a little
Lerele, thanks, I must try.
OlgaGera, you can still try tarragon. I don't know how with an apple, but in combination with a cucumber and cabbage, I really like it.
Quote: Elya_lug
I'm not friends with him))))
OlgaGera, mint will go well here, both to a cucumber and to an apple.
Tell me later how it goes.
Elya_lug, My husband doesn't like spices and any herbs at all, but I would try with tarragon. I love soda with him very much
Quote: Lerele
Tell me later
as soon as the mint grows))) be sure!
OlgaGera, 🙄 there you go.
Lerele, a drink is one thing, but when a young tarragon takes a bite with a kebab, it’s such freshness in the mouth, delicious. I crush one or two twigs into the salad.
Lerele, thank you, I feel it's mine!
How will I do, I will report!
Elya_lug, yes, I can imagine how delicious it is !!
mamusiTry it, maybe you, as I like, will like it, and it's easy to do at all.
Delicious fresh salad! The apples will ripen, and their gurkens will go, I will immediately pile.
Rada-dms, so, do you have your own apples ??
At least go to the camp
Lerele, look what I brought you:
Gazapkhuli - cucumber and apple salad
Yes! I made it!
I liked the taste very much. Such spring freshness ... I will definitely repeat. I take the recipe to the catalog of my favorites.
Thanks again for the recipe.
gala10, gorgeous salad, I will also repeat it without fail.
I am very glad that I liked it
And today I also did)) an unusual taste. There was no garlic (which is a pity, there was not enough of it in the salad), I replaced it with spicy herbs and mustard)) thanks for the recipe !!!
Alenka578, glad you liked!!
Yes, the taste is unfamiliar to us, but still sometimes you want something like that, feldips

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