Salad "Tsar's Birds"

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Royal Bird Salad


Chinese cabbage / Peking 1 head of cabbage
Boiled chicken breast fillet 200g.
Boiled eggs 3-4 pcs.
Calve sauce 150g.
Milk 50-100ml.
Grated cheese to serve
White bread croutons, I have homemade ones. to serve

Cooking method

I would like to offer you a salad recipe that is similar to the famous Caesar salad, and therefore Tsarsky.
He was born because of my natural "laziness", in the same place everything should be laid out in layers, and the lack of iceberg salad.
There was Chinese ("Peking") cabbage, instead of it .... Although, lately, I did not come across this salad that tasted delicious, although I soaked it in water, it still had some kind of "earthy taste" in general "Peking" rules.
Peking, eggs and chicken cut into cubes.
Mix the sauce with milk, because initially the sauce is very thick, I dilute it with milk.
Season the salad with sauce, sprinkle with cheese and crackers when serving. FSE.

The steps are reflected in the photo:
Royal Bird Salad
Bon Appetit everyone! Help yourself!
Your Trishka!

The dish is designed for

For a family of 3 people

Cooking program:



I would be glad if someone likes this lazy option!
Sometimes you also need to be lazy ...

Trishka, and what can you substitute for kalve sauce?
Mayonnaise ??
Very lazy salad, I respect such
Irish, mayonnaise can probably not be worse. Do you have such special sauces they do not sell chtol?
Glad I dropped by!
delicious))) but I would also add tomatoes .. thanks for the recipe))))
Quote: kavmins

delicious))) but I would also add tomatoes .. thanks for the recipe))))
Marish, you can also have tomatoes, thanks for your attention.
Trishka, Xu! Where is syyyyr ?! Why not in pieces! The day after tomorrow I'll go to the store, buy a salad, and report back (otherwise we don't eat Beijing, we are picky ...)
Quote: eta-007
Where is syyyyr ?! Why not in pieces!
As hda, I write "when serving, sprinkle with cheese and crackers, salad is Lazy ...
Quote: Trishka
salad then Lazy ...
But it was not too lazy to rub it! In pieces it is much lazier and more!
Quote: eta-007
don't be too lazy to rub it
And I'm already buying its grated
Ksyusha, a wonderful salad, straight light, I went to cook eggs and breast (there are a lot of homemade rusks, and .. well, her Peking, when the ownerless iceberg lies waiting for its fate, or rather your recipe)
Svetlana777, Svetlana, and I even came across an iceberg that was not tasty, and soaked it, it carries from it with earth, even if it switched to Peking.
I'm waiting with.
Trishka, Xun, I'm with a salad! Truth without crackers ... There is not a single loaf in the house ... But it is full of olives and tomatoes! But in this salad the key word "BIRDS" is zhezh. Delicious and satisfying! Thank you silly!
Royal Bird Salad
Oh, what a juicy salad, pour me a little!
Thanks for the report and photo!

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