Soup in a couple of minutes

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Soup in a couple of minutes


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I am more than sure that each of us has a jar of frozen broth in the "bins of the Motherland", and some of them, just in case, have instant noodles.
I have it all. And I wanted to eat soup, but there is no ready-made soup at home, so it came to my mind, or rather, I, of course, read somewhere about this, a recipe for a quick soup, but not quite from a pack.
I had noodles, frozen chicken broth, that's all the ingredients.
I broke the noodles, I want to eat soup with a spoon.
From a bag of spices, I sprinkled a little noodles, the broth was already salted.
She boiled the broth.
Soup in a couple of minutes
Put any greens on the noodles, fill with broth. We close the dose with something.
Soup in a couple of minutes
In a few minutes, our chicken noodle soup is ready. You can add a boiled egg.
Soup in a couple of minutes
It turned out quickly, quickly and tasty !!
Bon Appetit!!

Class! What the doctor ordered!
Like me ..
I sometimes arrange for myself "days of sheer laziness"

True, it is in the past now, but in the future it will come in handy again! ..

And such a soup is very useful to me !!!!!
In the morning in the summer I go to the beach with a thermos of coffee + black bread + cheese + tomato.
Came home and bam! (!)
"Bam, second shift" (c)
Dulechki ... And I have a lazy soup!
mamusi, and you can also pour water in as usual and add the stew, there will also be a quick soup
Of course, this is not for every day, but sometimes, like me today, take out and put the soup, I wanted so much, well, I did
We make this type of soup quickly from a package of ramen, along with the seasonings that come with the kit, which we fill with cold water, with a short hike, and set for 10 minutes. at 800 W in the microwave, then add up to half a can of any vegetable caviar, herbs and any additions for a full flavor. Although, if necessary, ramen from a bag, you can not boil, but pour boiling water and let it brew until tender.
We always break the noodles very finely, so that it would be convenient to eat with a spoon. Vegetable caviar gives the soup a well-fed density, protects the digestive tract and enriches the taste.

For a "day of sheer laziness", it is convenient to boil barley until cooked (if you like it), fill with finely chopped fresh herbs, fresh tomatoes, cut sausages into pieces, let cool, pack in sachets in portions and send to storage in the freezer at temperatures from - 24 ° C to -18 ° C. Do not re-freeze. If necessary: ​​I took it out, put it in the microwave and, after a short time, a delicious ready-made food is ready. Also, it is convenient to take such food with you to work, if there is a place to warm it up, since it will not turn sour on the way, but only thaw.

OgneLo, there are so many opportunities to make tasty noodles from quick noodles !!!
With vegetable caviar, you get a vegetable soup, it should also be delicious!
thanks for the idea
Lerele, you can also drive a raw egg, mixing well, into the soup 4 minutes before being cooked in a microwave at 800 W - you get an omelet on top. Similarly, with raw sausages and wieners - cut into pieces and thrown into the soup for a couple of minutes until cooked.
You can sprinkle the finished soup with cheese on top, add sauerkraut or pickled cucumber, boiled beets, lecho, even leaves of fresh salad greens (salad, arugula, mizuna, mini spinach, etc., etc.), ham, even croutons, pieces of dryers and crackers. There are really a lot of options.

In the Soviet period, at work, at lunchtime, in the dumplings, we very often took a can of hot broth in which they cooked dumplings (by lunchtime, the water poured in the morning had time to be well enriched with the taste of regular portions of dumplings boiled in it and turned into a delicious rich dumplings broth) and on its basis, a delicious soup was mixed, adding something that did not require additional cooking.

Quote: OgneLo
For a "day of sheer laziness", it is convenient to boil barley until cooked (if you like it)
I love it very much!)
OgneLo, so fill out everything with a recipe, how many ideas are for quick purchase.

Quote: Lerele
Where am I, and where are the photos ...

I also love these lazy soups, especially these curly noodles in meat broth!
From time to time I buy good meat bones, cook a thick concentrated broth, at the end add spices and large chunks of onions and carrots fried in a dry frying pan, filter, cool, remove fat, cut into cubes and freeze.
I don't have a microscope, I heat the bouillon cube in a frying pan, pour it into a soup bowl and add everything that is in the refrigerator (not all together, of course): boiled potatoes or an egg, cold cuts, sausages, sausages, canned corn or peas, + a spoon mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup, adjika or tkemala.
Lerele, In short, Ira, you got "Theme", instead of just "Recipe" !!!))))
And this is awesome!
People come, read, share!
Hurrah! Hour ideas will be brought here!)))))

(Don't scold us)
mamusi, why is it to abuse it ??
I am in favor of any fuss on the topic, but here such ideas are gorgeous, sometimes it would not have occurred to myself.
Crown, You have a full-fledged soup, and it’s easy to do, the leftovers and delicious soup.
Lerele, well done for showing the recipe! We also indulge in such quick-noodles, and to be honest, we sometimes love to fill up some quick noodles.
Well, since discussion is welcome here, then I will share my modest experience.
In a constant mode, when I cook broths, I roll up hot ones with meat in jars for my mother and for myself. Sometimes it's too lazy to cook the first one, or my husband needs to eat quickly in my absence, that's when the quick-seller helps out!
Right now, I'm cooking broth from the shoulder of a turkey and soon I'll roll up a couple of cans - one for my mother, the other for a trip to Crimea.
Rada-dms, and I in doses and in the freezer, but when it cools down.
Always, when I cook the broth, I pour it out, well, with meat, of course.
They eat everything like that, but I did something for the first time, although my husband worked in geology, and told how they ate doshirak with stewed meat.
He thanked me a hundred times today for such a soup, nostalgic
Pasta, too, it is convenient to immediately boil the packaging, season a little with butter and, when cooled, pack it in portions and put it in the freezer. And so warm up (one or two tablespoons of water in a pan and under the lid - the water will evaporate, the pasta will warm up and as soon as it is cooked), or in the microwave. Even so, even with cheese, even with broth, eat, even make a warm salad. Depends on availability of other products and taste preferences. We didn’t like the rice after freezing - it’s not tasty.

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