Khachapuri from Trishka

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Khachapuri from Trishka


Wheat flour 550g.
Milk 170g.
Hot water 170g.
Sour cream / yogurt 60g.
Sugar 25g.
Salt 10g.
Dry yeast 5d.
Vegetable oil for container lubrication
Adyghe cheese 300g.
Sulguni cheese 300g.
Curd 5/9% 350-400g.
Salt, favorite herbs taste
Egg (for two pies) 6 pcs.
Butter for serving

Cooking method

Khachapuri, khachapuri, khachapuriki ...
It would seem just dough, just cheese, sometimes a closed pie, sometimes an open yolk and a piece of butter on top ... But, how divinely delicious it is .... No wonder they say "Everything ingenious is simple", and the simpler the dish , so surprisingly, it tastes better ... ...
This is my recipe, I do not pretend to be authentic, but forgive me the Gurus of the art of cooking, I prepare the dough according to the recipe of Anis - Ani (I will give a link at the end of the recipe), I collected the filling from other recipes, such an option appeared that my family likes, and of course me.
So, I share ....
We prepare the dough according to the recipe ... Only I make it a little thicker, I like it better :).
On the day of baking, we take out the dough and let it warm up while we prepare the filling.
By the way, calories of this test: 227 / 100g.
To prepare the filling, everything is simple here:
Grate cheeses, mash cottage cheese, add salt, your favorite herbs, and egg white, I have 6 of them, if you want, you can do more, I cook for three, so, each one.
Divide the filling into 2 equal parts.
Remember that I have two pies. I usually make one pie at a time.
We collect khachapuri.
Roll it into a circle with a diameter of 30-35cm, put a side of cheese along the edge, and close it with dough, it turns out that we also have cheese in the side of the pie, this is very tasty, put the remaining filling in the middle formed.
Grease the side of the pie with milk and sprinkle with sesame seeds, if desired.
Khachapuri from Trishka
Preheat the oven to T180 *.
Bake khachapuri until golden brown. 2-3 minutes before the pie is ready, take it out, make three indentations with a spoon and release over the yolk.
Khachapuri from Trishka
Put in the oven again, so that the yolk grasps slightly, but remains liquid inside. Do not overdo it !!!
This is the tastiest thing in this pie, tear off a piece and dip in the yolk, mmmm ... Delicious ...
Serve hot with a lump of butter on each serving.
Khachapuri from Trishka
Bon Appetit everyone !!!
Kcal: 230 / 100g.
Your Trishka.

The dish is designed for

Two pies, 30-35cm in diameter.

Cooking program:

Oven / handles.

You have a good way !!!
I roll out the dough like a pizza. And the filling is usually only Suluguni.
I take it into service: cheese - in the sides!
And add the curd, which I ALWAYS have!
And about the eggs: I didn’t think of adding the protein separately to the filling, and pour only the yolk on top.
I'll try.
(And then when I make khachapuri-boats, by the way, too, always on the test from Anis, my egg in the boat does not fit, it spills)))
Olga M.
Ksenia, thanks for the recipe! And separately for the dough recipe. It's easy to find cheese bumpers!
Girls, thank you for your attention, I will be glad if you like my khachapuriki.

Quote: mamusi
I have an egg in the boat that does not fit, it spills
Well, there are two options: either the boat is too small, or the egg is large ...

Quote: Olga M.
separately for the dough recipe.
Well for the dough, this is not for me, this is Anise
Trishka, Ksyusha, I also make this dough on khachapuri! Well done for recalling!

I was stupid for a long time about 6 proteins, seeing 3 yolks, until I realized that you were doing a double portion

You are always welcome, about the yolks ...
Thank you! very convenient - both recipe and molding!
shurpanita, Marish, I will be glad if you like it!
Trishka, Ksyusha, you have healthy khachapuriki! Thanks for the recipe, very tasty. I'll have to try!
julia_bb, Julia, thank you, I will be glad if you like it.

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