French bun with bran

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French bun with bran


warm water 160 ml
sour cream 40 g
bran 25 g
wheat flour, c / z 100 g
premium wheat flour 100 g
dry yeast 2 g (1/2 tsp)
milk 120 ml
premium wheat flour 150-160 g
semolina 30 g
all dough
sugar 17 g
salt 6 g
butter 10 g

Cooking method

Remember the delicious "Frenchwoman" in a Soviet bakery? Tu, for 7 kopecks, with its famous scallop, thin crispy crust, creamy taste and delicate delicate crumb? Then it became known as the "City bun". Here is this recipe about her. But for health, I have developed a recipe with bran and whole grain flour. And for fans of that, white, buns made of premium flour, I wrote a recipe from white flour.
Tear off a piece of this magic, but with milk from a triangular milk carton for 16 kopecks or with kefir ... .. Mmmmm .... Yes, this is the recipe for that roll. Remember:
Balls, beauties, footmen, cadets,
And Schubert's waltzes, and the crunch of a French roll,
Love, champagne, sunsets, alleys,
How delightful evening in Russia.
The loaf is prepared with a typical French dough - bige. But in the case of c / z flour and bran, this is no longer biga, but a thick dough (practically sourdough dough), fermented using bigi technology. The bran must be pre-fried for 8-10 minutes in a dry frying pan, this will enhance the taste and aroma, give them nutty-bread notes. It is sour cream (of any fat content) that will give the bread a characteristic creamy taste and play the role of the fermented milk part of the leaven. But you can change the composition of the liquid to 120 ml of water + 80 ml of kefir or whey from cottage cheese or cheese.
French bun with bran
Stir everything and knead a fairly dense dough. Put in a container with a lid or in a plastic bag and put to rise at a temperature of 30 * C, followed by fermentation in the refrigerator according to any scheme convenient for you:
At 30 * C 4 hours - in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours;
At 30 * C 2 hours - in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours;
At 30 * C 1 hour - in the refrigerator for 12-14 hours.
To get 30 * C, I usually put the container in the multicooker bowl on the tack and set 30 * C for the selected number of hours.
French bun with bran
During this time, the dough-dough-leaven is doubled and everything is covered with bubbles. An hour before kneading the dough, we take out the container from the refrigerator to warm up at room temperature. At the same time, we knead the dough flour for the so-called autolysis.
French bun with bran
Mix cold milk, semolina and flour before combining and leave for an hour for autolysis. After an hour, add all the other components of the dough and knead a smooth, elastic, rather soft, but practically not sticky dough. I assign this to the bread maker. Leave it to ferment under a film for 140-150 minutes. During this time, stretch-fold-round twice.
French bun with bran
Place the dough on a floured surface, divide into 2 parts, about 360 - 370 g each, round each part and leave on the preform for 10 minutes under a plastic wrap.
French bun with bran
Then carry out the molding. To do this, carefully stretch each blank - fold it into an "envelope" and roll it into a rather tight roll, sharpening the ends of the roll well, giving the blank the shape of a spindle. Lay on the parchment with the seam down and leave for final proofing in a warm place without film for 45-50 minutes, no longer.
French bun with bran
Turn on the oven to heat up to 230 * C in advance. The blanks fit well. Make a side cut at least 1 cm deep, keeping the razor almost parallel to the table surface, this will allow the characteristic ridge to form.
Bake in a preheated oven at 230 * C for 15 minutes with steam and another 20 minutes at 200 * C without steam. You can bake in a cauldron for 15 minutes under a lid and 20 minutes without a lid.If you bake with one loaf, then at 200 * C, bake not 20 minutes, but 30 - 35 minutes.
Airy, fragrant and healthy rolls with bran and whole grain flour are ready! Airy openwork crumb with a creamy nutty aroma and a crispy crust ..... mmmmmm ..... !!!

French bun with bran
French bun with bran
French bun with bran
French bun with bran


Long-term cold fermentation in the presence of fermented milk flora and roasting of bran converts phytic acid from flour and bran into a bioavailable form, promotes complete inactivation of FOODMAP oligo- and disaccharides, improves the structure, taste and aroma of bread.
And now the promised recipe without bran and with premium flour... Sometimes you can also bake from premium flour. Oh, what a delicate and delicate crumb with a creamy aroma she has!
Warm water 110 ml
Sour cream 40 g
Wheat flour 220 g
Dry yeast 2 g
Milk 120 g
Wheat flour, premium 190 g
All dough
Sugar 17 g
Salt 6 g
Butter 10 g
Water with sour cream can also be replaced with water with kefir or whey, but I do not advise, there will be less creamy notes. Cook in the same way. Form the blanks with wet hands before final proofing, so the loaf will be smoother. Bake at 250 * C with steam or in a cauldron for 15 minutes and at 210 * C without steam (or open the lid of the cauldron) for another 15 minutes if 2 rolls or 25 minutes if one loaf. Look, what an airy openwork crumb. And what aromaaaat ... .. mmmmmmm!
French bun with bran
French bun with bran
French bun with bran

What a beauty!
Thank you! Very appetizing!
Linadoc, Linochka, what a wonderful recipe, delicious and sunny buns!
So I wanted to return to my youth.
How smiling she is, when will I get to your bread ...
Thank you for the beauty, I took it.
Linadoc, while I was going to bake "Porthos" you have a new bread in time Thank you very much for such delicious breads I will definitely bake
Olga, Alla, Ksyusha, Tatyanathank you girls! Bake, you will not regret it! And it’s not confusing at all.
Linadoc, the bread is handsome!
The recipe is still bookmarked. Thank you .
Bookmark, definitely!
Linadoc, Lina! Thanks for the recipe for great rolls!

It turned out not very beautiful (overburned), but VERY tasty !!! The crumb is openwork, it stretches a little, the crust, however, does not crunch because it has softened overnight under the towel. But for me - what you need!
Very fragrant bread! We liked it!

Olga, handsome men !!! And fishnet! It turned out great, smart girl!
Thank you, Lina! I am pleased to !
Linadoc, Linochka, I'm probably "dumb". Step 3 and 4. Where to add the brew? It is written to warm the dough, and at the same time the flour for autolysis. And then mix the semolina flour and water. And already the dough. And where to add the dough?
When you knead the dough, then add. The dough will include semolina with flour, warmed dough, salt, sugar, butter, swollen on "autolysis".
Linadoc, thank you.
tell me why the bran when the ts already contains them?
The amount of fiber required for the normal functioning of the intestinal microbiota, and therefore of the whole organism, and as a source of B vitamins, is quite large. What is included in c / z flour is not enough. Therefore, we add in the form of bran.
What a smart girl you are! What a beautiful bread! And even with bran! Thanks for the recipe!

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