Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baked goods)

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Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)


fine cracker (not salty) 400 gram
sour cream with a fat content of at least 20% 600 gram
canned pineapple syrup 100-120 ml
canned pineapples 300 grams
sugar 200 grams
for coating
sour cream with a fat content of at least 20% 150 grams
powdered sugar 50 grams
for decor
powdered sugar 1 tablespoon
cocoa 1 tablespoon
milk 1 tablespoon
butter soft 1 teaspoon

Cooking method

A large bowl or salad bowl or colander, it does not matter, the main thing is with a rounded bottom, covered with cling film.
For the base, beat a little sour cream and sugar.
Pour in the syrup.
Add small pieces of pineapple.
Pour in the cracker. Mix.
I have this one, I bought it at the traffic light.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Put in a prepared bowl. Tamp with a spoon.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Cover the top with foil. I also put down the flat plate.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Put in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. In general, the longer it stands, the better it will be compressed and saturated. I stood for a day.
Then get it out. Remove the top foil, cover with a suitable plate and turn over.
Remove the form and film. This is what the finished base looks like.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Next, mix the sour cream and powder, beat a little with a whisk.
Smear on all sides.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Make a glaze for decoration.
Mix sugar, cocoa, milk and butter in a microwave oven. At a power of 700, warm it up 2-3 times for 30 seconds.
Stir well after each time.
Cool slightly. Place a plastic bag in the glass. Lay out the chocolate mass. Tie the edges with a knot. Cut one corner a little and apply, as evenly as possible, spiral circles. We do not pay attention to my attention, all the same Hand Made, and these very hands sometimes twitch.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Then with a toothpick, draw the strips first from top to bottom, then from bottom to top.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Above, it turned out very simatic.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
You can eat right away, but it is better to put it back in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.
Recipe from the site Oh, and delicious. Thanks to the author.

The dish is designed for

more than 1800 grams

Cooking program:

no baking


Fast, tasty and most importantly BIG cake
My ogloaters kids, just right size
We liked it very much. If I hadn't done it myself, I wouldn't have guessed which one of the cracker.
A convenient option when you really want, but desires do not coincide with the possibilities
Try it.
Especially relevant now.
Py. Sy. I will stock up on crackers and pineapples in jars

Vkusnoooo! I take it to the piggy bank!

Thank you!
You are welcome
Take away
Need to try. Once I bought a small cracker for a cake, ruined everything - I forgot that it can be salty!
Girls, and specifically about the cracker, do not tell me which company is better to take?
Well, already so that there are no mistakes ...
I definitely won't tell
Now I looked at mine. I took it in the traffic light, and he is ours, Bryansk, Bezhitsk bakery
Apparently in each region they have their own positions.

Quote: Irinap
Need to try.
I will wait with a review
I made with fresh gingerbread (Kalachov Kupets) and chocolate (Bread House) gingerbread, breaking them into small pieces. I didn’t add sugar, it was already sweet for us, I mixed sour cream (Rostagroexport) with liquid from under canned pineapples. Shaped in silicone cupcake tins (portioned). The rest is prescription. Very tasty and simple.
Marina ま り な, about gingerbread, I know (I used to cook with them for a long time)
The skill, however, has already lost.
But here we are talking about Crackers, and for me (for personal reasons) this is more useful.

mamusi, I sometimes do this with breadsticks or brittle dryers ... Soak dryings a little longer and then nibbles can be found ... Even pieces of baking or white bread. Sometimes, I use defrosted pitted cherries or delicious black currants and their juice ... With freezing it is especially convenient to make a mini portion for "one meal". But with pineapples it is very tasty.

mamusi, will probably be in Magnet or Pyaterochka.
Podmosvichka, Helen, yes, I’ll drop by just the other day. I'll take a look at the Bolshevichka factories.
Come on, then write.
And I have nothing left of the cake
I found a healthy plastic bowl, I will do it in two portions
The daughter-in-law, by the way, thought that the store
She asked, "What, they began to carry cakes to the general store?"
and the livers, I see, are not soaked, do not chew hard?
Podmosvichka, Elena! Cool cake turned out! I love Pancho in general. And what kind of cross-section can you see?
Quote: julia_bb
And what kind of cross-section can you see?
and I'm very interested.
Newbie, not, everything is fine, soaked as it should, just keep the shape from below
Is the cut like a sinker or not?
BeholdLazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Soft and homogeneous, can be eaten with a fork
Quote: Newbie
livers, I see, are not soaked, do not chew hard?
Everything is soaked well if allowed to soak. Sometimes, with simple dryers, there are not soaked areas. For crackers, this can only happen if you don't let the cake soak and start eating earlier.
Podmosvichka, Elena, Can you do without pineapples? I can only have them fresh And that is very rare.
Cake in time. It's too lazy to go, but you want something sweet. And the heat. The air conditioner is not very friendly with the oven)))
Pasib, Lenul
Lyol, you can, just add lemon juice, otherwise it will be bland
On the contrary, mine asked to put more pineapples
Elena, And if with peaches? Peach compote, almost like pineapple
Try it. Cut into pieces and the syrup will probably need to pour in less, peaches are juicier than pineapples.
So that it is not too wet, otherwise it will fall apart.
To all
I made a cake for yesterday's birthday.
Double serving. I put it in a 6 liter plastic bowl.
Cracker found only in Pyaterochka, such.
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
Everything turned out as it should
Lazy almost Pancho cake (no baking)
And in general, this is an instant meal cake
I barely managed to hide two small pieces for today and tomorrow, and that's it, they
Quote: Podmoskvichka
I barely managed to hide myself

It's good that Len succeeded!)))
Nice cut!
I love it, then *, when everything is noisy, clean up, sit down, and rest a piece of ear ...
And you can keep it in the refrigerator for tomorrow.
And then with freshly brewed tea, yum!
(Thanks for the picture of the cracker).
With the past you, once again!

I forgot to write.
She poured 150 ml of syrup, so it is better saturated and wetter

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