Borodino bread in the Gorenje BM1600WG bread maker

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Borodino bread in the Gorenje BM1600WG bread maker


Starter culture 12 hours at a temperature of 22-28 degrees:
rye active starter culture 100% moisture 26 g
peeled rye flour 79 g
water 113 g
Welding 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 63-65 degrees:
peeled rye flour 60 g
fermented rye malt 33 g
water (boiling water) 265 g
ground coriander 4 g
peeled rye flour (add after the tea leaves have cooled to 65 degrees) 6 g
Opara (total time 2 hours 45 minutes):
welding all
leaven all
peeled rye flour 132 g
water temperature 35 degrees 132 g
Dough (2 h 20 min):
dough all
peeled rye flour 238 g
wheat flour 2 grade 132 g
instant yeast 1 g
salt 7 g
syrup 33 g
sugar 40 g
water (look at the consistency of the dough) 66 g

Cooking method

The detailed technology of making this bread in HP Panasonic is described by Sergey Kirillov here 🔗
I took this description as a basis and adjusted it to my HP.
I will not repeat and rewrite what he wrote, you cannot write better than him, so please see the link how to make tea leaves and sourdough
1) In the evening we put the leaven and tea leaves
2) After 12 hours, when the leaven is ready, we make the dough in the HP, for this we put the ingredients for the dough in the HP
We set the Nome Made mode with the following settings
Mix 1 -20, Rise 1 - 0:30, Mix 2 - 2, Rise 2 -1: 00, Rise 3 - 00:30, Baking - 0, Heat - 0

After the end of the program, add the ingredients for the dough to the bucket and
We set the Nome Made mode with the following settings:
Mix 1 -20, Rise 1 - 1:00, Mix 2 - 0, Rise 2 -1: 00, Rise 3 - 0, Bake - 1:20, Heat - 10
When I tried to set this mode, the bread maker turned on and did not allow me to set the necessary parameters. So I used a different method. I kneaded the dough on the French bread mode. Stopped him. Set the baking mode and set the delayed start for 2 hours 40 minutes

Before baking, sprinkle the dough with a spray bottle and sprinkle with coriander.

The readiness of the bread was checked with a temperature probe. In that once one hour was enough for baking.
Borodino bread in the Gorenje BM1600WG bread maker
Borodino bread in the Gorenje BM1600WG bread maker

the hardening at the edges turned out due to the fact that I incorrectly set the delay start timer and started baking an hour earlier and did it for 7 minutes until I noticed. I turned it off, pulled out the bucket and set the distance as needed.

The dish is designed for

1 kg

Cooking program:

Home made


I like baking this bread more by the usual manual method.
The dough can be fermented for up to 4 hours. the bread will only benefit from this, but see for yourself as you like best. Longer fermentation will make it sour. This bread does not taste sour

Olga Alekseeva, Your link does not open for me, but I have Panasonic's HP. Can I ask for a worker?
Olga Alekseeva
It looks like the site is fixing links and making them inoperative. The worker will not be sent. Google the Professor Poof blog. He has a lot of interesting things there. Or in the link before the dot, insert the word register, only type it in Latin. Here, well, it just doesn't let me write
I did not guess just to substitute Sergey's nickname in the line. Thank you!
And I know Sergei very well. Therefore, I clung to the recipe (for some reason I don't remember it in LJ)

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