Idea from the site "Yulichkin's recipes" from Wookiee.

Instant pickled zucchini

500gr. zucchini, 0.5 h. l salt.

For the marinade:
100 ml olive oil
3st. tablespoons of 5% vinegar,
2 tea. spoons of honey
2-3 cloves of garlic
ground black pepper,
fresh or dry herbs.

Wash the zucchini and cut off the peel. If the zucchini is young, you can do it with the skin. Chop into thin circles.
Fold in a bowl, season with salt and leave for 30 minutes.
Prepare the marinade. Pass the garlic through a press, mix with olive oil, honey (if the honey is thick, melt it in a water bath), vinegar, pepper and finely chopped herbs. Cilantro, basil, tarragon, dill, parsley are perfect. You can add a spoonful of paprika paste or ketchup. Stir the marinade.
Drain the resulting liquid from the zucchini, squeeze it with your hands. Pour marinade over, stir.
Refrigerate until morning. During this time, you can mix a couple of times.
I recommend making 2-3 norms at once!
With boiled potatoes, um!

Instant pickled zucchini

Stewed zucchini in sweet and sour sauce (Admin)

Instant pickled zucchini
Stеrn Thanks for the instant zucchini, let's go with a bang with potatoes I remembered that I had a grater a la bergner in the bins of my homeland, and shredded the zucchini with it ... It turned out very, very! THANKS +++++++++++
Quote: Stеrn

"Instant Pickled Zucchini".
Thank you so much for adding this recipe to my family's menu !!!!!!!!!!! Today they sentenced 1.5 kg of zucchini! Simple and delicious! And most importantly, it's useful! I knew before that zucchini can be eaten raw, but I did not know the recipes, so this valuable product appeared on our table only in stewed or fried form. And now ... uh, let's overeat !!!!!!!!!! On Berner tune - super thin and fast !!!
I have only one question - only young zucchini are suitable or large autumn ones will also work (you will also want to in the fall!)? Won't they be tough and chunky?
mish , to your health! Instant pickled zucchini
I am very pleased that you liked the zucchini!
I think autumn zucchini will work too. You just have to peel them, cut them in half lengthwise, remove the core, and then plan. You will get halves of rings.
My guests loved your instant zucchini! Interested in the recipe And I also added dry adjika there - shine! I also made a snack
"Tomatoes with mozzarella and olives" , put a little garlic under the mozzarella and also grind it with a bang!
Quote: Stеrn

"Instant Pickled Zucchini".

Olive oil goes to the marinade, or you can replace it with another, and if a triple portion is made, then the oil is triple or less (according to experience, liquids for a larger quantity do not always need to be increased proportionally)
skate , oil can be replaced with any odorless vegetable oil. And the amount of oil can be reduced. Try 2 standards of oil for three rates of zucchini. Add something, if anything, you can always.

Thank you so much for your delicious recipes. I cooked "Fake Chops", "Zucchini of Instant Eating", and just finished baking "Cheap Cake", only replacing raisins in it (my daughter does not eat) for dried apricots and almond essence. Other masterpieces are next
Instant pickled zucchini
Yesterday I made zucchini according to your recipe. Made with cilantro and dill. Such yummy! I didn't waste time on trifles, made 3 servings, and today I look - it's too small!
Thanks for your recipes, thanks for being there!
Speaking of eating raw zucchini (someone was surprised). The following recipe has taken root in our family:
Young zucchini (2-3 pcs.) Grate, add 1 clove of garlic, herbs, salt, a little vinegar, season with rast. oil. And eat it right away! Tasty and fresh.
Stern, thank you very much for the quick-eat zucchini recipe. They stood in my refrigerator for 1.5 days (I forgot about them), today I took out and destroyed 1/3 myself (made the 3rd portion), well, oh-oh-oh-oh-very tasty. So far I have tried only three of your recipes, but all of them are very interesting and tasty, I want to try everything, but there is not enough time. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

just now, your zucchini of instant eating in its raw form was eating her, I did not switch to a "raw food diet", I just wanted to try, was everything okay with salt, vinegar, etc. However, I was so involved in the process that I immediately praised myself: "Clever girl, prudently immediately prepared a double portion"
In short, the zucchini went (or rather even ran) with a bang!
I do it with balsamic vinegar and dill, tastefully, not the right word. They go for a sweet soul instead of gravy to any side dish (they crackled with barley so much that no one remembered about meat).
I also really liked to add 2-3 tablespoons to any salad of fresh vegetables, they immediately give such a spicy note
I have no doubt that we will prescribe this dish for the whole season of zucchini.
And to do something as simple ... as all ingenious
Quote: Stеrn

Idea from the site "Yulichkin recipes" from Wort.
"Instant Pickled Zucchini".

Stеrn, many thanks for the recipes. Just made these zucchini. I'm sure it will be great. Made a triple rate.

French meat on a potato pillow was cooked at 12 noon. Oh, to say that this is awesome is to say nothing.

And now the dough for Bagrir pancakes from the same site should be suitable. Everyone liked it very much. But I did not add 250, but 500 ml of water. Then my pancakes spread well in the pan.

Everyone, everyone, everyone !!!
Cook according to Frau Stern's recipes!

You will not regret! (Tested on personal experience and stomach)

Worth, (from the site "Yulichkiny Recipes" you also thank you very much). Ultimately, the main thing is not who the author is, but that people are willing to share their experiences with others)
Summer resident
Stella! Zucchini roules There was no sugar in the honey. Dare instantly while I was carrying potatoes to the table
It also seemed to me that a little less vinegar could be, but I added a little more honey and it turned out great. And also, in my opinion, everyone has their own taste and you need to choose the proportion for yourself. In general, the idea is wonderful and very tasty. Thanks to Stern for interesting recipes.
And it turned out so delicious (with 9% vinegar). Nobody complained. On the contrary - on the second day the zucchini are just delicious!
agree with mish the next day the zucchini is even tastier

, and do you have mint or oregano in your spices?

PS: your emoticons are awesome
Can I bring my know-how while there is no mistress? ... I poured sesame seeds and coriander seeds into the zucchini - it decorates the taste very much - it looks like Korean vegetables
Stеrn , and you know what I am doing now .... overeat marinated zucchini. What is this yummy !!!!!! We don't like zucchini very much, well, I'll fry it a couple of times, I'll put it out ... But this is something incredible, it's impossible to tear yourself away. Thanks ea recipe
Quote: Stеrn

I have a feeling that all other recipes can be removed. Leave only zucchini!

Well, what can you do with zucchini, something super! 🔗 I made a triple portion yesterday, I thought on the trail. what day to try, yeah dreaming for the evening there is nothing, and my husband ate-ate 🔗 and then he says why didn't you do cucumbers before
Quote: kleskox35

and the husband ate-ate and then says why did you not do cucumbers before

And mine was glad that I was so much the day before yesterday cabbage cooked!
And I am grateful for the instant marinated zucchini. Today I picked it up with a morning meal and already had supper in the evening
Thank you
Please accept another thanks for instant zucchini!
Yummy, no words! Already in the process of cooking I wanted to eat them, such a breathtaking smell!
My report:
Instant pickled zucchini
And here the Temka about zucchini was organized:
Stеrn, maybe you will copy your recipe there too?
Or make a reference? Very out of place and there your recipe will be!

Stеrn, Thank you so much for the Instant Pickled Zucchini recipe. It turned out very tasty.
Only I have a question: how much percentage vinegar did you use?
I cooked in two servings (1 kg of zucchini) and put only two tbsp. l. 9% vinegar, and even then, I'm a little sour.
Zhivchik , vinegar 5%.
StеrnOh, and the zucchini are delicious and quick to eat.
Yesterday I made another portion again.
Previously, I added raw zucchini a little only to a salad, but mostly subjected them to heat treatment. And this dish contains only vitamins.
Thanks for the "quick" zucchini! They brought so many of them to me - I don't know where to put it, I sculpt squash cakes every day))
The taste turned out to be amazingly familiar - once I made cabbage in such a marinade, delicious, but tough, a dog ... and zucchini is the very thing!
Hello Stella! Thank you very much again! This time for "instant pickled zucchini". Very tasty! (y) You can already choke on the smell itself - it smells so deliciously crazy! : nyam: Did a double portion and that's right, one would not be enough. The child ate the same, but under the guise of cucumbers, he only recognizes them. Thanks again!!
Elena Kiliba
THIS is something unimaginable ... I slammed the idea ... THANKS .....
Stеrn, huge thank you for the recipe!

Here are your zucchini in the process of designing decorations for the president's table.

These are training. It will most likely be served on the table in sprigs of thyme and rosemary. Or on sage leaves.

Excellent zucchini! I already have a bunch of ideas on how to use them with other vegetables and new salads are born in the brain.
Prepared instant zucchini. An absolutely wonderful summer salad! Thank you very much.

These are my zucchini.

Instant pickled zucchini

Sеrn, your recipes are wonderful. And I started a few years ago with "amchikov" , which I bake to this day.
Elena Kiliba
What to say???!!!! YES NO WORDS ... Having read the responses, today I went specifically for zucchini ... Prepared. .. You will not believe ... I started to eat them with semi-finished products ...
When I come to interfere ... and try, try ... try ... I don't know if they will survive until the morning ... They recommended to cook 2-3 portions ... You have to obey ...
I am making these zucchini 2 servings for the third time already. This is super tasty and healthy and, in general, you will receive a lot of tsomki for your efforts.
Stella, I love you ... (don't get me wrong). Oh, and your delicious "Instant Pickled Zucchini", Stella! Thank you so much for them! I could hardly restrain myself so as not to gobble up everything at once. I will repeat it more than once!

Instant pickled zucchini
I just did it, it's already delicious ... (y) they may not live until morning
Good day.
here is a photo of zucchini (from the phone). Today we went to work, as an addition to bread from a bread machine
Instant pickled zucchini
Stеrn Thanks for the recipe!
Since there was no honey, I made it with molasses, it turned out very tasty. I put the second portion to marinate overnight, surprisingly and delicious to the guests
, thanks for the recipe, I didn't even expect it to be so delicious! The name of the recipe is completely true!
Yesterday I made 2 kg of zucchini, the marinade took 2 servings. It turned out very tasty.
True, the husband laughs: for 2 UAH of zucchini - 25 UAH of marinade.
Today I also made 2 more servings, I'm waiting for the morning when I can try ... For the first time I "shifted" the vinegar, the Italian wine splashed, and it is stronger than the usual apple cider, but nothing ... I used everything in summer salads as a spicy addition , but this time it turned out exactly what you need, moderately sour, moderately spicy ...
sweeta, a holy cause, adjust the recipe to your taste.
I also tried different vinegar, but settled on a regular dining room (we have 5%).
Stеrn, but salt, as I understand it, you do not add only when soaking?
Quite right, I don't add it to the marinade. But this, of course, is a matter of taste.
If you don't have enough salt, add salt.
In the morning it turned out that not a little, but just THAT !!! How delicious it is !!! In the morning grechechka multeyu cooked + a slice of turkey meat baked on the eve + tasty snacks and the husband completely fed and happy went to earn money !!! The recipe is super !!!
You are my idol!

since in Siberia zucchini does not even bloom yet, I decided to buy near-abroad ones. a grater so that to chop up in thin circles - no, so I, without thinking twice, cut into ribbons with a vegetable peeler - it turned out nicely. well and then ...: red: what I did the first time - I didn't even tell anyone at home ... did not have time for homework for the first time Vkusnyatina, yes!

now we are looking forward to our country

thank you Stella!

(I'm again without a photo, sorry)
oh, I forgot (ate at the moment of bragging, thanksgiving) - added a little pepper Chipotli - it's so hot, smoked, pickled in tomato. And this smack of haze - mmmm ... I recommend trying (just a little to start)
Thanks for the recipe! made 1 serving for a sample. I tried it right away and couldn't tear myself away until I ate half the norm. I had to do more! What they taste in the morning, if under-pickled - delicious!
Stеrn, as always you are on top!
Summer resident
I have a neighbor who likes to name the dishes loudly. He calls stelochkin zucchini "Monte Carlo Zucchini"
I cooked instant marinated zucchini today - despite the fact that they were marinated for only 2 hours, ALREADY delicious, I'm afraid to imagine what will happen in the evening
Stеrn thank you very much for the recipe, the marinade is super
I think cucumbers can also be pickled in it?
here are my zucchini
Instant pickled zucchini
, and you can roll them up for the winter? And then I have three more empty jars formed ... So I think what to stuff there for the winter ...
Quote: Hairpin

, and you can roll them up for the winter? And then I have three more empty jars formed ... So I think what to stuff there for the winter ...
I've heard something about enti three empty jars for the second month

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