Pineapple and apple puffs

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Pineapple and apple puffs


Puff pastry (yeast) 1 package
Pineapple slices 1 can
Sour apples
cut into circles without a center
(like pineapples)
for rolling fruits.

Cooking method

  • I let the dough thaw, rise and cut without rolling along the long side into strips 1-1.5 cm wide, better thinner. We cut into long thin strips, from one package of dough with a roller, 11 strips are obtained. For convenience, the strips can be cut in half.
  • Cut the apples into slices without a core, drain the juice from the pineapples, roll each circle in starch and pass the strips of dough through the holes and wrap the fruit with the dough.
  • It is not scary if the strips do not completely cover the entire surface of the circles, the starch will prevent the juice from flowing out and the fruit from spreading.
  • Grease the buns with a beaten egg.
  • Here's what happened in the end.
  • Pineapple and apple puffs

Cooking program:

bake in the oven at 190-200 * C until tender.


This recipe was found recently on the Internet, simple to the limit.
The buns are delicious, eaten in one moment, a lot of fruit and little dough.
Get these buns ready, you won't regret


Admin, please specify, do we wrap the fruit with dough - each circle individually or add a pineapple with an apple, and then "swaddle" the two of them?

We wrap each fruit separately. Together - it will be too thick, although you can try, only the taste will probably be interrupted.
Boo Boo
I couldn't pull the stripes through the hole, so I broke the pineapple circles into 2 halves. I cut the dough with a spinning pizza knife. The recipe is very simple. The time is literally 5 minutes. Thanks Admin.
Quote: BooBoo

I couldn't get the stripes through the hole, Thanks Admin.

That's the problem, that's why I wrote that you can cut the strip in half
But, which are beautiful on the table ready-made

Eat for health
I made these buns, cake, and decorated the center with a cranberry. Powdered sugar on top and the guests are delighted.
Yes, you can decorate the top as you like

Use both berries and various glaze, sprinkle with sugar. They have such a festive and bright appearance that they will always decorate the table and delight in appearance (my opinion).
By the way, on the plate (see photo), the left bun with an apple is sprinkled with sand before baking (I took sour apples without sugar), and on the right is pineapple from a jar without sprinkling.

I just wanted to show their initial appearance to begin with, so that it was clearer how they are made.

Bake and eat for health
Today I baked my buns with an apple, a pear and a peach.

She took a puff yeast-free dough, smeared the buns with an egg on top and sprinkled them with sand.

Please note that the fruits are thickly sliced ​​and not completely covered with the dough, but this did not creep out at all during baking, the deboning in starch keeps its shape well and the juice does not flow out.

Well, it's still yummy ...

Pineapple and apple puffs

In the foreground are half rings with fresh peach.
In the middle there are circles of fresh pear.
Far away are sockets of fresh apples.

But from yeast puff pastry, products are more airy and beautiful (my opinion).

Make these buns, you won't regret it!
The fruits are cut into 1 cm thick circles - this is thick - but everything is baked and does not spread!
I also tested your know-how! I took the puff yeast-free dough, it turned out exactly as you did in the second version. Fruit also peeked out on the sides.The only thing is that I missed with pineapples: I took smaller rings and did not foresee that their holes are also smaller. But I still adapted: I cut them only on one side, then it is easier to wind up, but nothing is noticeable in the finished product! Thanks again for the idea!

Here's another version of apple buns. Many apples in large slices rolled in starch and puff yeast dough, and no sugar at all.

As you can see, the apples do not blur at all, although the dough is cut into a mesh.

What the doctor, that is, Alexandra, prescribed! Delicious and beautiful, and easy!

Pineapple and apple puffs

Still, with yeast dough, the buns look much nicer.
And then I think, how can I make fun of puff pastry tomorrow. And here this option is cool !!!

Thank you Admin!
We love puffs with pineapples. Only I cut the dough into squares and put a pineapple circle on each of them. It turns out very nicely.

Pineapple and apple puffs

Made 16 with pineapple. Delicious. Dough + pineapple in this version gives airiness and juiciness. If you just spread pineapples on squares, it's also tasty, but the dough turns out to be wet. And in the form of such flowers - just super. I didn't have time to take a picture, because guests came and the buns quickly disappeared.
And who baked with ordinary yeast dough? Well, we don't have puff yeast dough in our store. And in a regular puff pastry 40% fat: red: But you can't stop on one bun
The same question interests me. Is it possible to just use yeast dough or make a puff yeast dough as a saoi (with the help of HP).
Everyone, everyone, good evening!
One recipe caught my eye today. And I looked at night, decided to test it. And you know, it turned out, well, VERY tasty chrysanthemums in the form of cookies. Components, as a rule, are always in the house (in the bins)
The technology is identical. True, in my case there are no apples and a different dough. Let's assume that these are already variations on the ROMINA theme.
But my "chrysanthemums" are also very tasty - they are no longer there.
I wanted to immediately share with you. So:

Fresh puff pastry - 0.5 kg (usually in the freezer in the refrigerator)
Pineapple rings - 10 - 16 pieces (1 can. It is usually in the closet)
egg - 1 piece (for lubrication)
icing sugar, cinnamon, raisins.

Remove pineapple rings from the jar. Give the yushka a drink to others. These canned rings must be well dried on a napkin (I finally used my sieve at least once).
Pineapple and apple puffs
When the liquid was completely drained from them, I blotted them well with a gauze diaper.
Then roll the dough into a rectangular layer (as it turns out). and cut into strips (1.5 cm wide). Don't make them long.
Pineapple and apple puffs
Now we dip our dried rings in powdered sugar and leave for 10 minutes. At this time, I cut the strips on the dough. By the way, I dusted the dough with flour on both sides so that it does not stick and the stripes are easily taken.
Back to the rings again. Sprinkle them with cinnamon on both sides and THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE CENTER, wrap the rings with overlapping dough strips along the entire diameter. In the center we put a small ball of dough, making a dent in it, and on top of 2-3 raisins we insert or a cherry (if any).
It turns out like this:
Pineapple and apple puffs
Here is a larger view. Everything, of course, is in the spots from the fingers, which are cinnamon from the rings. But that's okay. In finished form, nothing is visible - everything is rosy.
Pineapple and apple puffs
Of course, it’s not so easy. You have to get used to it. But everyone will succeed - I also did it for the first time. It just takes a while. I had 10 rings in the bank. They took all the dough.
Lubricate the finished cookies with a beaten egg, put on a greased baking sheet or on a silicone mat (then you don't need to grease with anything) and put in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes (temperature 220-240 degrees). Follow the look - to brown.
After cooling, sprinkle the "chrysanthemums" with icing sugar.
Pineapple and apple puffs

Well, maybe I did it a little awkwardly at first, but it was amazingly tasty and original: the dryness and friability of puff yeast-free dough combine with the moist pulp of pineapple.
As for the cooking technology, I took pineapples from a standard can today - 850 gr. They are 6.5 cm in diameter.The hole diameter is from 1.2 to 1.5 cm.
You write that the width of the strip is 1 cm. How did you manage to push through the hole with a diameter of 1.5 cm so many strips 1 cm wide? I tried it today - it didn't work, I just had to wrap the pineapple circle with a strip of dough, despite the fact that my strips were smaller in width. Indeed, when baking, yeast-free puff pastry significantly increases in volume!
Pineapple and apple puffs

What is delicious - no questions asked!
Today I also have puffs, yummy, I'll tell you Mariv I'm special. I took a photo with a can of pineapples, the hole diameter is 3cm. The dough crawls very easily, only it does not need to be rolled out thinly, otherwise it breaks easily, and there will be no good splendor. I took pineapples at DIXY

Pineapple and apple puffs
You can also slightly expand the hole in the pineapple yourself - take a small cookie cutter with an asterisk (or another round one) and pierce the pineapple
So I already ordered pineapples with baboutLarger diameter. And to drill holes in pineapple - no, it's easier for me!
Here, I brought a report !!!

Pineapple and apple puffs

Admin, thanks for the recipe !!!
All ingenious is simple. And, most importantly, very fast.

Kamusik, how lovely it turned out, super view!

Bake and eat for health
Thanks for the original and delicious recipe! I baked puffs with apples.

Pineapple and apple puffs

Next time I will stack the dough strips more tightly, and hopefully the appearance will be better!

fudge, bake to your health!
Really very successful and tasty buns are obtained and quickly eaten
The recipe has been here for so many years, and today I saw it. Super buns! I will definitely
manna, for health, it turns out very tasty, eaten in one fell swoop
Tanya! I baked your wonderful puffs, mmm, beautiful and very tasty.
Thank you very much. I don't buy the dough, I cook it myself.
Pineapple and apple puffs

Lyudmilka, to your health !!!
From your test - it's just super buns! I'm not ready for such a feat, with my puff pastry
* Anyuta *
For a long time I have had puff pastry and pineapples, but there was still no use for something ... now today I will "marry" them ...

Tanya, thanks for the recipe!
You know, Tanechka! It's so simple, it's ridiculously simple and great.
My mother also baked puff tubes with cream for our kids, a delicacy for those times, and at times it was already 60 years old. Yes, yes, I remember myself from 4-5 years old. And then I began to twist the tubes and Napoleon and puffs with fruit. For some reason, the correct puff pastry mom called UN puff pastry, but this is not correct and fast and tasty.
I put on gloves so that the oil does not have time to heat up from my hands, I rub 350g of frozen butter in 500g of flour mixed with 2 hours on a grater. l. dry yeast, gently and stir. Then 1 egg and 1 table. lies. vinegar and 0.5 tsp. l. I add salt to 250 ml of water and pour it into flour and butter. I collect it into a ball, divide it into two parts and in packages until the morning.
It turns out 2 packages of 500g puff pastry. In the morning I rolled it out, and I make all sorts of sweets, either my own recipes from beautiful girls. It's soooo simple and tasty, mmm, like your wonderful puffs, my husband said - head off, (this is my translation).
Pineapple and apple puffs
I don't know if you can see the layering and lightness of the dough.
* Anyuta *
Yesterday evening I made these puffs - this is really a "head drop" .... because this morning they are gone ...

The pineapples were from Lorado .. They have a very good diameter hole ... (For comparison, I attached a teaspoon)
Pineapple and apple puffsPineapple and apple puffsPineapple and apple puffs

It is really better to cut the strips thinner, otherwise the process is harder at the end of wrapping!
Decorated with cherries ...
I baked in the oven for about 13 minutes and for 2-3 minutes I also turned on the grill - to brown the top ...
Well, the puffs are already cooling down ...
Pineapple and apple puffs
Girls, health!

Nooooo, I won't make puff pastry myself, this is torture for me, although in childhood I tried and seemed to even succeed, I remember round meat pies, a recipe from the Book about tasty and healthy food - but that was long ago and not true

Anyuta, beautiful buns And I don't put them under the grill, I bake them in the oven and they get ruddy on all sides
* Anyuta *
Quote: Admin

Anyuta, beautiful buns And I don't put them under the grill, I bake them in the oven and they get ruddy on all sides

It's just that my bottom was already beginning to burn, and the top was completely pale, well, so I decided to continue "not to tempt fate" ...
In general, despite the fact that the author for such dunce as me, boldfaced "roll each piece in starch", I naturally forgot about it) I did it with apples and I was saved by the fact that they were not very juicy) this is yummy, that there are no words! I want to try it with pineapples now) thank you very much for such a tasty treat)
Quote: Vitamin

In general, despite the fact that the author for such dunce as me, boldfaced "roll each piece in starch", I naturally forgot about it) I did it with apples and I was saved by the fact that they were not very juicy) this is yummy, that there are no words! I want to try it with pineapples now) thank you very much for such a tasty treat)

If an error is found, the text is read again, then this disease is being treated successfully
Puffs from the number of unhealthy foods are eaten instantly Cook for health! Pineapple also needs to be rolled in starch
Pineapple and apple puffs
These are the buns my son and I got. My son liked the idea, he likes pineapples. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks enticing

Kate, they are also delicious you will like, eat to your health!
Adminand you are not mistaken - we liked it!
I would also sprinkle sugar on top, but my son said that it was not necessary.

Kate, I'm so glad that my son especially liked the buns
The second baking sheet is in the oven, I took a sample already - the apple is pleasantly relaxed! The filling turned out to be love, because the holes in them were made by cutting in the form of a heart. I formed only one with pineapple, because comrade pineapple pumped up, either slightly frozen, or dried. I admit that I was reluctant to create a lot of ribbons for wrapping, I did 4-5, but wide, hehe. Thanks for the recipe, I saw some more of this from our bread Guru, so roll up our sleeves!

Oh, Alina, fired up memories and appetite began to play for the night
FOR HEALTH! In any performance it turns out deliciously, to the delight of the family
Yes, but I remembered how my mother and I began to intensively bake various breads in a bread maker, how we began to gain weight, that we removed it out of fear and did not take it out anymore.
Tatyana, thank you so much for another simple recipe for sweets)

Very simple and delicious!
And makes an impression on the guests)

Pineapple and apple puffs
Thank you! 🌹🌹🌹

Well, still would not produce such beauty on the table

Lena, bites to your health!
Tanyush, I run from topic to topic with my delight, because it's just wonderful and incredibly tasty.
And how simple it is !!!
I got 9 pucks out of one sheet of dough. Probably my washers were initially painfully small.
Pineapple and apple puffs
So wait, what's nine? I haven't forgotten how to count yet, there are only seven buns in the photo
Where are the rest, Zin, ahhhh?

Rita, to your health! Delicious, simple, cheap and cheerful
Ay,Tanyush, the other 2 were baked in Tortilyanych, so they are there ... There, in that topic, and remained.
Amazingly cool!
We must try to buy more pineapple washers. I just bought washers from Bill. The holes are so wonderful with them that the dough was easily pushed through.
Quote: Rituslya
The holes are so wonderful with them that the dough was easily pushed through.

Rita, the holes can be expanded a little by itself, it will turn out
Tanyushik, it's all me with my crooked buns. This time, just apple slices wrapped in dough and powdered for sweetness a bit.
Very good. The apples are straight baked.
Thank you, Tanya!
Pineapple and apple puffs

Rita, to your health! Such octopuses turned out But, delicious - I believe you
Tanya, it's me again with your puffs.
I bought a dough today and remembered that I had not prepared this delicacy for a long time.
Here. Sooo delicious. Very, very much!
Thank you very much, Tanya!
Fast, easy and very!
Pineapple and apple puffs

Ritushow many suns you have at once, so bright I also want the same
Health to the whole family

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