Homemade bagels with yeast

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Homemade bagels with yeast


Wheat flour 250 g
Water 270 ml
Dry yeast 1.5 tsp.

Cooking method

  • Performed in 2 stages
  • 1. WELDING. Brew 125 g of sifted flour separately in a bowl with 100 ml of boiling water, stirring constantly. Leave to cool.
  • It turns out a dense lumpy mass
  • Then, in the HP container I put the following products in sequence:
  • warm water (carbonated) - 170 ml
  • wheat flour - 125 gr
  • Yeast
  • I put the bread maker on the "Dough" (yeast) mode and start the process. At the same time, immediately with a silicone spatula, both in the first batch, and in the second, during kneading, I break the BREADER lumps so that the dough is more or less homogeneous. After 1.5 hours (according to the program), our dough came up. I turn off the HP.
  • I put new ingredients in the container again for our dough:
  • Stage 1 dough
  • egg (yolk) - 1 piece
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l
  • salt - ¾ tsp.
  • flour - 250 gr
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l (add at the end of the second batch, 10 minutes)
  • Set the "Dough" mode again and run this program again.
  • The dough is wonderful: technological, fluffy, soft.
  • Soak your hands in vegetable oil, grease the cutting table a little with vegetable oil. Then do it like this:
  • Take out the dough and knead it on a table greased with vegetable oil. Divide into 10 equal parts. Form bagels in any way.
  • The first way: make them pieces of a flat cake, then roll the flat cakes into balls, make a hole in the middle of the ball and walk your fingers along the inner circle, aligning it and stretching the hole.
  • Second way: roll the pieces into flagella, connect them into a bagel.
  • I did it in the first way.
  • Grease each bagel with vegetable oil, put on the surface, cover on top and leave warm to rise for 45 minutes.
  • SEALING: Boil water in a large saucepan, add a little salt, and scald the bagels, making the heat medium, one by one, gently immersing in water, turning over with a slotted spoon, to the other side. In boiling water, bagels should be short-lived, 30 seconds each. on approximately each side. I just counted up to 30. And, once in boiling water, the bagel does not sink, but remains on the surface.
  • Return the bagels after scalding to a baking sheet, with greased parchment. I did it without parchment - nothing terrible happened. Then brush the surface of the bagels with the whipped egg white. Sprinkle with cooked dry poppy seeds (or sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds) on top.
  • Not all bagels are the same size
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for the first 5 to 7 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 190 degrees and bake for another 15 minutes.
  • Honestly, with my oven, when you don't know what the temperature is, I baked for longer - about 30 minutes.
  • Bake with steam, that is, place a container of ice under the oven. 5 minutes before the end of baking, open the oven, release the steam and bring the product until golden brown.
  • I didn't - there is no ice, no courage. I just made sure they blushed. But then it will have to be done according to the rules.
  • Cool on a wire rack.

The dish is designed for

10 pieces


Today (I was going to) tried to make bagels, the recipe for which I saw on the cooking forum. Bagels such as in Soviet times were sold in the store. I got them a little different, but, nevertheless, the taste of really Soviet bagels from childhood. That's what I called them.

Delicious! And although they look somewhat clumsy, but I felt the long-forgotten taste of childhood.And the texture inside was remembered, as in those bagels. These are not buns at all. In dkhovka they will no longer fit you.

I really didn’t like sunflower seeds. Perhaps the grains were not of high quality. I peeled them off the bagels.

These are real Soviet bagels for 5 kopecks.

I recommend it to all bagel lovers. I cooked a 1: 1 Soviet bagel.
I'm sure everything turned out well.
Nevertheless, I must point out. Both the recipe itself and the description of the cooking process are distinguished here by a rare incomprehensibility. It's an everyday matter, it happens. Not everyone will receive fives for their essays.

So that's it. I really want bagels from my childhood. In the course of reading and comprehending, I have accumulated at least a dozen questions.

Therefore, there is still one additional, but main question to the author.
Is she ready to try to answer all these questions that have arisen in me? If "yes", then I will "comb" them and put them in the proper form here. And we will all be happy.
: hi: Finally I found a recipe for bagels, similar to those Soviet ones that were sold in the Moscow Zoo and the Park of Culture. : yahoo: Everything that came across before in books or on the Internet or baked rolls with a hole and sprinkled with poppy seeds or bagels (beegels, beegels, etc.). Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try the oven.

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