Ritochka, I bake this pizza all the time, and the other day I baked just a flat cake from this dough in Princesssk, now this is my favorite and flat cake.
Pys-pys, yesterday I hosted our Pechkin girls (report in the topic about Simferopol and Crimea), baked your pizzas, everyone was delicious Thank you, dear, many, many times
GenyaF, ZhenyaDo you get two pizzas from a portion or one for the Princesses? I asked like you, did you say two? So? Just looking at the recipe, it’s not enough dough for two.
Anh, there is only one pizza for the whole diameter for the Princess. I just make the dough in a double volume at once, then two pieces

Margarita, I made a pizza according to this recipe, and finally found what I need ...
It turned out thin, as I was looking for, and not as fat-free as it usually comes out of the purchased puff pastry. In general, now we will be friends with her.
I did everything exactly in terms of quantity and composition. On a pizza form with holes 35cm - just lay.
I added it to my permanent recipes!
Pizza dough
In the context, I didn't think to take a picture, and then it was too late ...
Margit, Margarita, thank you very much for the recipe! Baking in Princess, this portion is just enough for one fluffy pizza, as we like. Knead in HP on the "dumplings" mode, stirred for a couple of minutes, then turned it off for 20 minutes, then added oil and salt, and kneaded again. The dough turned out to be just extraordinary, soft, bubbly .. mmm. The last couple of times I added ground herbs and a couple of tablespoons of grated Parmesan to it, replaced the oil completely with olive oil. I wrote it down in my notebook, now I will only do it!
Inusya, m0use, well, where to go, to smart or beautiful - at least tear yourself apart)))
One is thin, as life was looking for usya, and the other is magnificent, as they love.
Well, the sizes were also very different, but there is not such a big difference. Well, inject, which of you cheated.

Margit, I apologize for the "showdown", it's mine for tomorrow's pizza ordered, so I go looking for something new.
Vasya is awesome dough, try it. I stretched it on the Princess, it turned out quite thin, but in the baking process it rises well, it turns out fluffy, not like fluffy dough in Pizza Hut, a little thinner, but just what you need !! Do not regret
Yes, the dough is generally cool, I only bake pizza from it. I knead a double portion at once, bake one at once, throw the second into the refrigerator.
Vasilika, I honestly say in a hairstyle - a 35cm shape with small sides, rolled it out probably less than 0.5cm thick, pinched off only a piece from a matchbox from the dough (for tomorrow's starter it is necessary) and everything fit in dummy. In the finished product it turned out thin, it's a pity I didn't take a picture close, and the side even crunched, as I like))). Probably, if I had given it still in shape, it would have been more magnificent, but I didn't want that
ABOUT! Zhen, is there nicho in the fridge with him? I also thought so, but did not dare, but wanted to ... continue the banquet ...))) and at what stage should it be sent there, right away? and the next day to defend? .....
Girls, I'm glad that you like this dough. Thank you for the reports and for the "showdown", laughed heartily!
Innochka, I am making the dough in KhP using the yeast dough program (1.30h). I put the dough in the refrigerator. When necessary, I take it out, let it warm up to room temperature and sculpt pizza. Since now I am also a sick Princess, most often I immediately roll out the cold dough in the princess, put on the filling and turn on the oven for a minute for proving, I start baking after 20 minutes. baking it disappeared.
Girls, when there is no sausage in the house, I bake cakes from this dough - I spread it with adjika, sprinkle with spices, coarse salt, sometimes rub cheese. Delicious.
Thank you, Zhen, for the science - I'll keep it in mind for the future! )))))
Girls, thank you for the advice! As a result, in the evening I kneaded Anise's dough, but I will definitely try it.

GenyaF, Zhenechka, thanks for the experience, now you can safely cook in the evening and go to the walker!
Quote: m0use

Vasya is awesome dough, try it.

Ksyusha, awesome - that's for sure!
Margarita, so I got to him, thank you very much for the dough recipe !!! Surprisingly, the same water, the same flour, the same yeast, salt, etc., and the result ... just no words!
Does powdered sugar really do that. By the way, I also replaced the oil with olive oil.
Well, very tasty, tender, soft and fluffy!

Pizza dough

Pizza dough
Quote: m0use

I stretched it out onto the Princess, it turned out quite thin, but in the baking process it rises well, it turns out fluffy, not like fluffy dough in Pizza Hut, a little thinner, but just what you need!

I would describe it in the same way, one to one. So, without bothering myself, I copied Ksyushka's words.
Vasya, what a pizza! Here is the "correct" dough, right?
Vasya, I have an eternal absence of it with powdered sugar))) I put ordinary sugar
I baked this pizza. I took sunflower oil. The pizza burned out for 20 minutes. The filling became a crouton, but the dough remained very tasty. So they grumbled loudly, but ate everything))))
Now with experience. Put the pizza in the oven, we're waiting.
Thanks for the recipe, in my old Redmond cartoon it took about 20 minutes to prepare, and now I'm trying a new one with the Ready for sky function, where you can add recipes directly to the application. Now, perhaps, I will do this in the near future. Pizza for dinner will be tomorrow)
Asitas, good health! Enjoy cooking!
I wonder what kind of a slow cooker, I'll go look on the Internet, read ...
This is a multicooker M800s from Redmond, I still understand it myself, there is not much time for cooking at all. In general, this Ready for sky function helps to control it helps to remotely control the multicooker (even from the sofa, even from work), you can interfere with the cooking process and add recipes. I think he also counts calories. So for those who want to eat right, this is it. Well, for those who want to keep up with everything too) I used to think it was nonsense, but in fact it is very convenient.
Asitas And how to bake pizza in it, will you take a picture when you bake?
As in a regular cartoon) just take the dough and spread it out, and on top of the filling) It was necessary today, otherwise they have already devoured everything) It turns out small, round, maybe the bowl is round. Very quickly, mine are already doing it themselves. And Ready for sky will help you turn it on, for example, on the way home via your smartphone. And the oven is simple, like in the oven, but the oven cannot be turned on remotely))
I make dough in a bread maker, share the recipe with you
250 ml milk or 2 tbsp. l. sour cream + water
2 tbsp. l. grows up. oils
450 UAH flour
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp. l. sugar
1 tsp yeast
I will be glad if someone comes in handy
the dough is crispy
Natalia K.
MargaritaThank you so much for such a great pizza dough. And Zhenya for sharing with me a link to this recipe. The dough is very tasty. Thanks again
irina tukina
Girls are good evening. So my pizza is ready. Took all the ingredients in double size. Only from the oven.Pizza dough
irina tukina
Thank you so much Margarita for such a wonderful pizza dough. Before she even had time to blink an eye, the family knew how to make two opposites. There is a question, can you replace butter with vegetable oil? I do not have a kneader, so it is difficult to mix it into the dough manually.
Irina, do you have a bread maker? I knead in it. You have such a huge and beautiful pizza! I would be full
I replace the oil with vegetable oil, sometimes I add both at once, the result is always good.
irina tukina
Zhenya has no bread machine. I do everything manually. Today the dough is superb. Not even stale.
natalisha_31, irina tukina
Girls, thanks for the feedback! Cook for good health !!
Irina, if you want to replace oil with vegetable oil, then I think the best substitute would be olive oil, if, of course, you like it to your taste.
Margarita, thanks for the great recipe! Next I will definitely try your "long"!
Quote: auntyirisha
Margarita, thanks for the great recipe! Next I will definitely try your "long"!
Good health, Irina!
Now I will knead.
Pizza doughI bring the Report, I really liked the dough, I made a double portion, left half for tomorrow - the day after tomorrow. And really all the crusts are eaten, the edges are not dried, you just need to focus on your oven, I was ready in 20 minutes. It is a pity that the author does not visit the site
Thank you so much for the perfect proportions of Prinzeski's dough! That is straight and not thick and not thin, as it should!
I made the batch in HP, at Pizza. Salt and oil are added in the second part of the batch. Very elastic, comfortable dough, spreads by hands lubricated in vegetable oil is wonderful. 80 grams of CZ flour, the rest is usual.
Pizza dough
Margit-Margarita, thanks a lot for the recipe. The dough is really perfect!
To be honest, I didn't expect such a Perfect Test! Cool. I poured a little flour, otherwise I got a little watery

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