Charlotte with apples

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Charlotte with apples


Egg 3 pcs.
Sugar 1 glass (240ml.)
Flour 1 glass (240ml.)
Soda 0.5 tsp
Vinegar for extinguishing
Sour medium apples 2 pcs
Cinnamon taste
Vanilla sugar taste

Cooking method

  • So - Charlotte is the simplest, beloved by the people !!! / b]:
  • We break the eggs into a container convenient for beating. We begin to beat them, gradually adding sugar. Beat thoroughly, but without fanaticism, because we aim not at a dry biscuit, but at a wet one. With all the sugar inside and properly mixed, we begin to add flour. When all the flour has been added, and the dough has become homogeneous, shiny and without visible sugar crystals - add slaked soda and stir in.
  • Charlotte with apples
  • We put everything aside. We clean the apples from the middle and cut into small pieces. (Then the pipe called me to set up family affairs, and my dough stood a little, it is better not to leave the already mixed soda for a long time) Grease the saucepan with butter, put apples in it and sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla sugar.
  • Charlotte with apples
  • Everyone puts apples to taste, but if there is too much plump, then it will not be good to rise (but there will be a lot of baked apples). We carefully fill this case with dough.
  • Charlotte with apples
  • We close the cartoon, screw the weight off the valve and start the CAKE mode. After about 40 minutes, my kukukha shot off, but since it didn't smell like fried, I left it on the heating for another half hour. Here's what happened:
  • Charlotte with apples
  • After another half an hour, I shook it out on a plate "face down"
  • Charlotte with apples


In order to test the baking properties of the device, today I took up the simplest baking, which we were taught at school.
To summarize the experience: in kukukh I lost my crispy crust, my children love it very much, but Charlotte was very juicy and soft. I would not do a large proportion, it will be difficult for her to rise to such a diameter. If you suddenly have technological questions - you are welcome

Tanya, come on now for the gifted - why screw the weight on the valve?
I went to experiment again.
Well, you said that it doesn't go well on a cake. And this weight plugs the steam outlet (up to a certain limit) So I removed it so that the pressure remained atmospheric

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