Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit

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Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit


Cottage cheese in a pack (I have 5%) 180 g
Egg 1 PC
Flour CZ (I have CZ-70 gr and rice-30 gr) 100 g
Salt Taste
Sweetener (I didn't put in) Taste
Average apple 1 PC
Pear medium 1 PC
Dried cranberries Handful
Sweetener (I have Fitparad) 2 g
Corn starch 1 tbsp
Powdered milk, cinnamon, sesame For sprinkling / decoration

Cooking method

  • There is a recipe for a similar test Podmosvichka ... I baked on it, really liked it. But it is with yeast and you have to wait until it comes up. I have a faster option and fewer calories.
  • So,
  • 1.Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • We mix all the ingredients for the dough and knead the dough into a bun. I don't like sticky dough (it's inconvenient to work with it), so I added a little flour. And you see for yourself how it is convenient for you.
  • 2.Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • Cooking the filling. We rub the apple and pear on a coarse grater or cut it into thin strips, squeeze the juice, if necessary (I had very juicy, a whole cup of juice came out!), Add cranberries, sakhzam, starch. We mix everything.
  • 3.Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • You can sculpt with small pies, but I had little time and didn't want to mess around, so I decided to bake with one, closed pie.
  • We roll out the dough into a layer, slightly larger in size than the shape (so that you can then bend the edges), put it into the shape, distribute the filling on top.
  • And now, the fun part!
  • 4.Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • I didn't just just cover the top with a rolled sheet of dough, but decided to "show off."
  • 5. Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • I laid them with "scales" on top of the filling. The edges are wrapped and fastened.
  • 6.Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • It turned out .. like this.
  • 7.Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit
  • On top, anointed with a brush with Jerusalem artichoke syrup, diluted with water, sprinkled with cinnamon and sesame seeds.
  • 8. Bake in an oven preheated to 220 degrees for about 30 minutes (until browned).
  • 9. We take out, cool, cut, enjoy.
  • Lightweight cottage cheese pie with fruit

The dish is designed for

530-550 gr

Time for preparing:

Less than an hour

Cooking program:

Handles, grater, oven


You all already know that I can't go without baking! But I'm also trying to lose weight. How to combine these two passions? Either reduce the portion of baked goods to a minimum (which is unrealistically difficult to do), or look for an option for less high-calorie snacks. There is another option: the oven is not at all tasty, so that the desire to eat IT disappears altogether! But we won't go this way, will we? We are residents of HP !!
So I try to minimize the harm of baking, replace the ingredients, reduce the weight of the ingredients in order to bake a small portion. I seem to be doing it. I eat baked goods every day .... and while I'm slowly losing weight.

By the way, I counted the calorie content of the pie (who cares)
For 100 gr. 165 / 8.8 / 2.4 / 28.4
Whole pie 550 gr
Piece .. somewhere around 85 gr.
For breakfast, the three of us ate only half a pie. Left for tomorrow.

This pie can have any filling (meat, cottage cheese, cabbage, rice with eggs, berries ... whatever you want). You can sculpt with pies, buns, rolls and even juicers.
Another proof that you can eat baked goods every day and lose weight! The main thing is to know when to stop and cook tasty, healthy and with a minimum of calories.

A very interesting recipe!
Guzel62, embarrassed that there is only 100 grams of flour, is that exactly enough for two layers? Roll out very thin? What is the diameter of the pie?
Deana, Dina. She rolled it thinly, enough for 2 layers. Mold diameter 16-18 cm.
Guzel62, Thank you! Now it's clear, he's just small.

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